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Steve Gordon

Truck accident attorney, Steve Gordon, states that being involved in a truck accident is a serious and life-changing event. If a truck accident occurs resulting in a serious injury or death, one will need competent legal representation. One will need an experienced truck accident lawyer to represent you.

Truck accident attorneys are specialists in the laws and regulations that govern all vehicles engaged in interstate traffic. These regulations are broad and complex and can be a source of confusion to the average person. If you have a truck accident case, then you should consult with an experienced truck accident injury lawyer to have these regulations explained to you and how they may apply to your individual case. That is what we do at Gordon and Elias.

A good truck accident attorney will be able to determine the conditions involved in a truck accident and be able to provide you with the right advice and how best to proceed.

The following video is a reenactment of what happens when a family has suffered a VERY serious injury or the death of a loved one. You may not want to watch this, not because of the graphics but because it could be emotionally disturbing due to a loss you may have had. However, because your loss is so important and because choosing the right truck accident lawyer is so very important, you need to know exactly how your case and loss will be handled by truck injury lawyers, Gordon and Elias.


One aspect of truck accident representation is getting the person the right medical care. The type of injury sustained will determine what type of medical expert will be needed to treat you. At Gordon and Elias, we make sure that this occurs.

If a spouse has been killed due to the accident, the grieving process will take years and years to get over. An additional problem is the economic hardship that is created in the short term while one’s case is pending, and then of course in the long term after the case is resolved. At Gordon and Elias, we are keenly aware of these problems and we deal with them with you. When you come to Gordon and Elias, we will literally get to know you and your family personally.

The process of litigation takes time and in that process we literally become friends, not just your lawyers. So anticipate with Gordon and Elias not just getting good representation, but actually getting almost an extension of your family.

Not every case goes to trial but some cases do. At Gordon and Elias we have 40 years of combined trial experience available to you. The best experts,  best doctors  and latest technology are utilized when presenting your case.

The point is that the trial will be presented in a way that is most professional but really brought down to where the juror understands the grief, the pain, the sadness that you’ve experienced. Because at the end, the jury is going to be asked to award monetary damages. And we don’t want them to be shy when they do that.

The law allows for injured truck accident victims to recover money in every state. At Gordon and Elias, we pledge to do just that for you. We fight to get you the most money possible so you can go and live your life the best you can, even if sadly somebody’s no longer in your life.

Gordon & Elias are nationwide truck accident attorneys who are based in Houston, Texas.  No matter what state you are from, we can handle your case.  Consult with us today. You can talk to us 24/7. We are here to listen and help. Call Toll Free 1.800.773.6770.

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