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STRATFORD, CT – A truck driver died last Saturday after his tractor trailer truck was hit by a car on a Connecticut Highway in Fairfield County, CT. The truck accident happened on Interstate 95 in the town of Stratford, CT. The area is in the south central section of the state between Bridgeport and New Haven, 55 miles southwest of Hartford, CT and 64 miles northeast of New York City.

The back trailer section of the rig finally came to a stop on the center highway Jersey barrier median, blocking the inner left northbound lane of the interstate.

At around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning, March 6th, 53 year old truck driver David Rapoport of Warwick, Rhode Island, was traveling south on Interstate 95 in a Roadway truck, hauling a load of non-perishable freight items.

As the truck driver drove through the town of Stratford near exit 32 and the Moses Wheeler Bridge, a southbound 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII sedan suddenly lost control and crossed over three lanes of the interstate directly into the path of the 18 wheeler.


The truck driver attempted to maneuver to avoid an impact but was unable and was hit by the car. The Lincoln sedan then stopped on the highway and the driver got out and fled from the scene of the truck accident.

The truck driver lost control of his rig after being hit by the Lincoln. The tractor trailer jackknifed and rolled over three lanes of the interstate. The back trailer section of the rig finally came to a stop on the center highway Jersey barrier median, blocking the inner left northbound lane of the interstate.

The truck driver, Mr. Rapoport, was thrown from the cab of his 18 wheeler during the rollover, and the trailer rolled on top of him.

Stratford Police officers and emergency personnel responded to the truck accident site. The paramedics determined that the truck driver had died during the rollover crash and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.


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Police shut down all the southbound lanes of I-95 and the inner left northbound lane in the vicinity of the truck accident. Crews were brought in to remove the truck’s cargo which had spilled onto the highway during the rollover collision. The interstate lanes would remain closed for about nine hours, reopening late Saturday morning.

Accident reconstruction investigators believe that the truck accident was caused by the driver of the Lincoln sedan, who was speeding at the time of the collision. As of Monday they were still searching for the unknown driver who had run away from the truck accident scene.

Police K-9 units tracked the driver to a nearby Wal-Mart shopping center, where they believe he called someone and was picked up after the truck accident. The authorities are reviewing surveillance video from one of the store’s cameras, hoping for information on the driver.


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Connecticut State Police detectives from the Major Crime Squad are also working on the case, and asking the public for any information on the accident or the identity of the runaway driver of the Lincoln.

No charges have been brought at this time, but are expected at the conclusion of the truck investigation and when the driver of the Lincoln is found.

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