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KISSIMMEE, FL: Three semi trucks were part of a fiery collision on a Florida highway early Tuesday morning. The truck accident occurred on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike in Kissimmee, FL in the Orlando metropolitan area. The region is in the central part of the state, 75 miles northeast of Tampa-St. Petersburg and 217 miles northwest of Miami, FL.

According to the Florida State Patrol, the multi truck accident happened shortly after midnight when one truck driver suddenly pulled into a lane in front of another 18 wheeler and the two large trucks collided. A third truck came upon the accident scene and was unable to stop, and crashed into the two trucks.


At approximately 12:20 a.m. 23 year old Carlos Allois-Baños of Sarasota, FL was driving south on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike in the outside lane of the highway. Another truck driver, 35 year old Luis Navarro of Hialeah, FL was driving on the southbound shoulder of the turnpike when he suddenly pulled onto the turnpike, directly in the path of Allois-Baños’ tractor trailer.


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Allois-Baños attempted to maneuver out of the way to avoid a collision but was unable to and plowed into Navarro’s semi truck. After the initial impact, the Allois-Baños tractor trailer went into the center lane of the turnpike where it hit a guardrail. It then continued south where it crashed into the Boggy Creek Road overpass and burst into flames. The fire was ignited by the refrigerator on the 18-wheeler which was damaged in the truck accident. Reportedly the truck is part of the Target Stores delivery fleet and was hauling food items.

A third 18-wheeler operated by an unidentified truck driver was unable to avoid driving into the crash scene. Its fuel tank system ruptured when it drove over the debris and it spilled approximately 200 gallons of diesel fuel onto the turnpike.

Mr. Allois-Baños and his brother, who was a passenger in the Target truck, were both injured in the truck accident and fire. They were treated at the scene and then transported to Osceola Regional Medical Center in serious condition.


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The truck accident and subsequent fire caused considerable damage to the Boggy Creek Road overpass and brought traffic to a standstill. Crews worked for about five hours putting out the fire and removing the debris from the roadway. Other workers cleaned up the diesel fuel spill from the surface. The north and southbound lanes of the turnpike were both closed for over four hours, opening shortly after 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The Boggy Creek Road was also closed as at least two of its support beams were damaged in the truck collision. Florida Turnpike authorities said the road will be closed for about a week, and estimated the damage at about $300,000.

The Florida Highway Patrol has charged Mr. Navarro, the truck driver who caused the initial collision, with making an improper lane change. The investigation is expected to last around thirty days, at which time the FHP will file a claim with Navarro’s insurance company.

Currently there is no information regarding the financial cost of the damage to the Target delivery truck and its contents. The Target Corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN.

Contact an Orlando truck accident attorney for information about Florida trucking laws.

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