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TEXARKANA, TX – Three people were injured Friday, MAY 7, 2010, in a multi vehicle truck accident in Bowie County, Texas. The collision occurred in a construction zone on Interstate 30 near the town of Texarkana. The accident area is near the border with Arkansas in the far northeast section to the state, 180 miles east of Dallas, TX and 70 miles north of Shreveport, Louisiana.

The semi truck had damage to the front cab section as it sat at the side of the highway.

At around 1:00 p.m. Friday afternoon a Celadon semi trailer truck was headed east on Interstate 30 in Bowie County, near Texarkana, TX. Celadon Trucking Services are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and transport throughout North America and also handle international transportation.

As the unidentified truck driver was driving in the area near the Nash Exit he came upon a highway construction zone. According to Texas Department of Public Service, the ongoing construction work was causing serious delays on I-30 and traffic was practically crawling at the time of the truck accident.

As the 18 wheeler truck reached the construction area he was driving much faster than the other vehicles and was unable to slow down in time to avoid an accident. The semi trailer truck rear-ended two cars, which propelled one of the vehicles into the back of another car and sent the other onto the shoulder of the highway.

The 18 wheeler then apparently went out of control and began swerving back and forth on the interstate, hitting the back section of a minivan and then clipping the rear part of a trailer that was attached to a pickup truck. After losing control of his rig and hitting the various vehicles the truck driver drove the rig off the side of the highway and the trailer truck finally came to a rest in a grassy area next to the Old Kings Exit on the interstate.


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Local emergency personnel quickly responded to the scene of the truck accident and found a number of people injured in the vehicles hit by the semi trailer truck. Three of the most seriously hurt were in the first vehicle that was slammed into by the 18 wheeler. The three unidentified victims were treated and stabilized at the scene and then transported to a nearby local hospital. Authorities would only confirm that the three suffered serious injuries in the truck accident.

In addition EMTs treated at least seven other victims at the site of the multi-vehicle truck accident. The extent of their injuries was not known and it is unclear if any were taken to hospitals. It is not known if the truck driver sustained injuries.

The truck accident left a wide trail of debris and damaged vehicles on the interstate, adding to increased travel times in the construction zone. The semi truck appeared to have damage to the front cab section as it sat at the side of the highway.

Texas DPS had to shut down a section of I-30 in the area around the truck accident scene so that highway crews could clear the debris from the traffic lanes and remove the disabled truck and other wreckage from the roadway.

Authorities also conducted a reconstruction of the truck accident and initial reports point to the truck driver traveling too fast for conditions in a construction area.

No charges have been brought at this time but are expected at the conclusion of the truck accident investigation.

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