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MILFORD, CT – Gallons of diesel fuel spilled out on a Connecticut highway Monday morning, June 14, after a chain reaction truck accident. The collision involved three semi trailers trucks and occurred on Interstate 95 in Milford, CT. The accident area is the southwest section of the state near Long Island Sound, about 12 miles southwest of New Haven, CT and about 69 miles northeast of New York, New York.

Connecticut State Police responded and closed down a section of the highway around the truck accident site, rerouting vehicles to Route 1 through the city of Milford.

Shortly before 5:00 a.m. Monday morning three 18 wheelers were traveling north on Interstate 95 in County, CT. The trucks were not traveling together, but were traveling in the same lane, one after the other. The first tractor trailer was a Ryder Rental Truck, the second was a tanker truck carrying a cargo of non-flammable liquid latex, and the third was another Ryder Rental trailer truck.


As the three semi-trailer trucks traveled through the area between exits 40 and 41 the first Ryder truck, driven by William Jones of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, stopped for traffic, and the tanker truck driven by 55 year old Bentley Jackson of New Jersey was stopped behind it. The unidentified driver of the third truck apparently did not have time to stop and crashed rear-ended the tanker truck.

The force of the rear end truck accident caused Mr. Jackson to slam into the first Ryder truck in front of him in the traffic lane. The chain reaction truck accident trapped Mr. Jackson in the cab of his truck and caused the tanker to roll over on its side. During the rollover the tanker lost a small amount of the liquid latex which was automatically released as a safety precaution through a pressure relief valve.


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The fuel tanks on the third truck were punctured during the crashes and about 150 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled onto the interstate. Firefighters from the Milford Department sprayed foam on the spilled diesel fuel.

Other Milford Fire Department personnel who responded to the scene worked for about fifteen minutes to extricate the driver of the tanker truck from the cab of his rig. Once freed, Mr. Jackson was transported to Yale New Haven Hospital. His injuries were not life threatening and he was reportedly in stable condition.

The driver of the first truck, Mr. Jones, suffered minor back injuries and was also taken to the hospital after the truck accident.

Connecticut State Police responded and closed down a section of the highway around the truck accident site, rerouting vehicles to Route 1 through the city of Milford. Crews were working to clear the debris and disabled trucks from the roadway while investigators reconstructed the multi truck crash. A team from the Environmental Protection Agency was also brought in to clean up the spilled contents of the tanker truck and the diesel fuel on the interstate.

The interstate closures caused delays that stretched into the morning commute. CSP officers finally reopened all northbound lanes of I-95 at around 10:00 a.m. Monday morning.

At this time no charges or citations have been made and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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