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SHAKOPEE, MN – One person was killed in a deadly rollover truck accident on an icy highway in Scott County, Minnesota. The fatal crash occurred Monday morning, November 15, as the semi trailer took a curve on an exit ramp on Interstate 169 where the highway crosses through Shakopee, MN. The truck accident area is on the southwest edge of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro region in the central east section of the state, about 57 miles east of River Falls, Wisconsin and about 129 miles north of Clear Lake, Iowa.

On Monday morning 32 year old truck driver Dana Ryther of Elk River, MN was driving a 2000 International semi trailer through Scott County, MN, traveling east on Interstate 169. The truck’s cargo and destination is not known. The truck accident occurred shortly before 9:00 a.m. as the tractor trailer moved through the city of Shakopee and the driver merged onto the exit ramp leading to eastbound County Road 101. The area is right next to the town of Savage, MN.

The region had been hit with several winter storms over the weekend and the road surfaces were very slick at the time of the truck accident. The 18 wheeler was going around a curve on the interstate exit ramp when it apparently hit an icy patch and the truck driver lost control of the semi. The tractor trailer skidded across the highway traffic lanes and crashed into a barrier wall on the edge of the ramp.

The impact separated the cab section from the trailer. The trailer rolled onto its side and finally came to a stop blocking at least one lane of traffic on the I-169 ramp. The cab section went off the highway after the truck accident and flipped over, landing in a ditch.

The force of the rollover truck accident crushed part of the cab section of the semi, trapping the driver, Mr. Ryther. Emergency personnel from Shakopee and the nearby town of Savage responded to the crash site and worked to free the driver from his truck.


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When paramedics finally freed the driver they found that Mr. Ryther had suffered fatal injuries in the truck accident and was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. No other persons or vehicles were involved in the collision.

The overturned tractor trailer blocked part of the traffic lanes on the highway ramp, impacting the morning commuter rush. Minnesota State Patrol officers diverted traffic around the truck accident site, directing drivers to other lanes and secondary routes.

The highway would be closed for several hours as highway crews worked to clean up the debris and clear the highway exit ramp. A heavy duty tow truck was brought to the crash site to haul the trailer off the road and get the crushed cab section out of the ditch and back up on its wheels. Once it was upright the disabled semi was towed from the truck accident site.

Officials investigating the truck accident have not released their initial findings but it is believed that the icy road conditions caused the semi to go out of control and crash. It is not known if speed was a factor in the collision.

No charges have been brought and the truck accident remains under investigation.


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