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FORT WORTH, TX – A rollover truck accident Friday morning, December 24, shut down part of an interstate for hours in Tarrant County, Texas. The single vehicle crash occurred when one of the tractor trailer’s tires blew out as the semi was on the ramp leading from westbound Interstate 20 to northbound Loop 820 East in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. The truck accident area is in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region in the east north section of the state, about 224 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana and about 106 miles south of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Early Friday morning an unidentified truck driver was headed west on Interstate 20 through Tarrant County, Texas. The driver was hauling a cargo of approximately 80,000 pounds of frozen chickens in the refrigerated trailer section of the semi at the time of the truck accident. The name of his employer and his destination has not been released.

At about 3:00 a.m. Friday morning the truck driver had reached the city of Fort Worth. The truck accident occurred when the driver was attempting to get onto northbound Loop 820 East. The semi driver had gotten onto the connecting ramp and was rounding a curve when one of the tractor trailer’s front wheels suddenly popped and blew out. The blow out threw the 18 wheeler off balance and the driver struggled to regain control of the big rig. He was unable to get the semi trailer back on balance and the truck flipped over onto its side. The trailer section came to a rest, partially blocking one of the off ramp’s traffic lanes.

No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.

Fort Worth rescue teams rushed to the scene of the overturned truck. They driver was able to get out of the cab section and reportedly was not injured in the rollover truck accident. The trailer section received some damage but most of the cargo of frozen chickens remained on the truck.

Fort Worth Police also responded to the crash site and shut down the section of the interstate around the truck accident scene. Drivers were diverted around the truck accident scene for several hours Friday morning while crews worked and officials reconstructed the rollover.


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Texas Department of Transportation highway crews were brought in to clear up the debris left from the single vehicle crash. The trucking company also sent a team to assist in the clean-up effort. The first task was to push the flipped trailer section off the road and onto a grassy area next to the intestate. Then a second trailer section was brought to the truck accident site and crews offloaded the thousands of pounds of frozen chickens from the overturned truck and transferred them to the replacement trailer section. Once the disabled tractor trailer was empty, the crews used a heavy duty tow truck to pull the semi back upright and haul it off the interstate.

Police have conducted a reconstruction of the rollover truck accident but have not made their findings public. One theory is that the driver may have taken the ramp curve too fast, damaging the tire. Another theory is that the tire was already worn and ready to blow out when the truck accident happened. It is believed that the tractor trailer will be examined by the state’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit to determine if there were any other mechanical problems that factored into the overturn incident.

No charges have been brought against the driver at this time, and the truck accident is still under investigation.

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