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ARLINGTON, TX – A semi driver was killed Friday morning, January 21, in a rollover tractor trailer truck accident on a highway in Tarrant County, Texas. The fatal crash happened during the commuter rush time as the driver was moving from Texas Highway 360 onto Interstate 20 near the city of Arlington, TX. The accident occurred in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region in the north east part of the state.

On Friday morning an unidentified man was driving a semi trailer truck through north east Texas. At the time of the truck accident the driver was hauling a load of tires in the trailer section. It is not known where the truck driver was headed or the company that owned the tractor trailer.


Shortly after 7:00 a.m. Friday the truck driver had reached the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region and was traveling south on TX Highway 360 near the city of Arlington. The tractor trailer had reached the juncture with Interstate 20 and the semi driver had entered the off ramp to east I-20 when the truck accident occurred. According to officials, a woman driving a Chrysler PT Cruiser on the off ramp suddenly lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the guardrail. She pulled her car back into the traffic lanes and directly into the path of the semi trailer, clipping the 18 wheeler.

After colliding with the PT Cruiser the tractor trailer went off balance and the truck driver struggled to control his rig. The semi truck skidded across the ramp’s traffic lanes and slammed into a guardrail. The 18 wheeler flipped over and ended upside down after the secondary truck accident. The crash broke open the trailer section, sending the cargo of tires rolling into the grassy hillside between the off ramp and eastbound I-20.


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Emergency rescue workers sped to the scene of the two vehicle crash. Sadly the semi driver suffered fatal injuries in the truck accident and died instantly. Officials declined to give his identification until his family could be notified.
The driver of the PT Cruiser sustained unspecified injuries in the truck accident. She was stabilized at the crash site and then transported by ambulance to the Medical Center of Arlington. Officials would not give the details of her injuries but confirmed that they are believed to be non-life threatening.

The fatal crash forced police to shut down part of Highway 360 and I-20 just as the Friday morning commute was at its busiest, causing long delays. The off ramp where the truck accident occurred was closed so emergency personnel could help the victims and then later while highway crews cleared the wreckage of the two vehicles. A second semi trailer was brought to the crash site and the tires were loaded on to the second truck. A heavy duty wrecker pulled the overturned 18 wheeler upright and towed it off the highway.

Police also closed the exit ramp to the Great Southwest Parkway after the truck accident. The lane closures would last into Friday afternoon.

At this point it is believed the deadly crash was set off by the driver of the PT Cruiser colliding with the semi trailer. Officials are reconstructing the truck accident and interviewing any witnesses to the fatal crash. The road surfaces were reportedly dry at the time and weather is not believed to be a cause of the incident. Some reports indicate that alcohol is not a factor, but the collision might have been set off by inattentive driving.

No charges or citations have been brought at this time and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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