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STUDIO CITY, CA – A truck accident Tuesday morning, February 1, forced the closure of a major highway in Los Angeles County, California. One person was seriously injured in the early morning multi vehicle crash on the California 101 Freeway near the juncture with Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City, CA. The accident area is located in the San Fernando Valley near the Los Angeles metro in the southwest section of the state.

Early Tuesday morning a truck driver, who has not been identified, was driving a semi trailer truck through southwest California. The semi was pulling two trailer sections filled with sand at the time of the truck accident. The mud flaps on the back trailer appear to have the logo for Sakaida & Sons Trucking, based in Reseda, CA.


Driver in Big Rig Crash Arrested For Suspicion of DUI:

At about 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning the semi driver was eastbound on California 101 Freeway, traveling through Studio City. The driver had just passed the ramp to Laurel Canyon Blvd when he suddenly lost control of the tandem trailer truck. According to officials investigating the truck accident, the tractor trailer crashed through the cement center dividing wall running down the middle of CA 101 and entered the westbound lanes of the highway. The semi truck hit several westbound vehicles before the truck driver pulled the tandem trailer back into the eastbound lanes. The semi trailer jackknifed and went up in the air, crashing down on top of a blue-green SUV. A fire erupted in the SUV, temporarily trapping the driver inside the crumpled vehicle.

California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the early morning crash. The unidentified driver of the SUV was extricated from the crushed vehicle and received serious injuries in the truck accident. The driver was stabilized at the crash site and then transported to a local hospital. The driver suffered burns to his arms and legs. The injuries were described as major but not life threatening.

The semi driver was also trapped in the cab section of his rig after the truck accident. Local firefighters used a ladder to reach the trucker and help him from the semi. He was treated for unspecified minor injuries and transported to a nearby hospital.

Although other vehicles were involved in the truck accident no other drivers were seriously hurt in the collision. Paramedics treated several other people at the scene for minor injuries.

The multi vehicle truck accident caused immediate delays on the freeway which cuts through the LA metro region. Morning commuters were diverted around the wreckage as CHP closed down a section of the 101 Freeway in both directions. A total of four eastbound lanes and one westbound lane would be shut down. Eastbound motorists were directed to use the fifth lane or the shoulder to move through the crash area. The ramp to Laurel Canyon Blvd was also closed while the emergency teams gave aid to the victims, firefighters extinguished the burning SUV, and police investigated the crash. The closures would create delays which at times stretched back two miles on the freeway.

Crews spent most of the morning clearing up the site of the truck accident. The SUV hit by the semi was likely destroyed and had to be towed from the crash scene. It is unclear if the semi truck was heavily damaged and it appeared some of the sand spilled from the tandem trailer sections. The crews also cleared chunks of concrete that broke off the retaining wall when it was hit by the semi trailer. The freeway was finally opened at about 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Police investigating the collision detained the truck driver after the crash for a short period of time. The driver was allegedly disoriented after the truck accident and was compelled to submit to a toxicology screening, which he passed.

Police later reported that the truck driver was not under the influence of any substances but instead probably stunned by the crash. The trucker was released from custody and could face charges in the future if found responsible for the incident.

At this time investigators have not released their determinations on what caused the early morning crash and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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