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WINTER PARK, FL – A semi driver has been charged in a truck accident that occurred Monday afternoon, January 17, on a major highway in Orange County, Florida. The roads were rain slicked when the tractor trailer crashed and flipped over on Interstate 4 just east of the juncture with Fairbanks Avenue, near the city of Winter Park, FL. The truck accident area is in the north central part of Florida in the Orlando metro region.

Early Monday afternoon 56 year old Arthur Venson of Jacksonville, FL was driving a semi trailer truck southwest on Interstate 4. Some reports stated that the semi driver makes regular deliveries between Jacksonville and Orlando. At the time of the truck accident the driver was carrying a cargo of washing machines. He declined to name his employer or his destination.

It was raining in the area at the time of the truck accident and the roads were very slick in some spots.

It was just before 1:00 p.m. Monday afternoon and Mr. Venson had reached Orange County, driving through the Orlando Metro region. The tractor trailer was still on I-4 when the driver lost control of the 18 wheeler near the exit for Fairbanks Ave. According to the driver, the semi was behind another vehicle that suddenly hit the brakes, forcing Mr. Venson to apply the truck’s brakes. The semi truck skidded sideways on the interstate, went off balance, and then flipped over onto it left side, momentarily trapping the driver inside the cab.

No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.


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The single vehicle crash brought the interstate’s westbound traffic in the area to an immediate halt as the semi trailer had come to a rest blocking all four lanes on that side of the busy highway. Orange County and Orlando emergency personnel quickly responded to the truck accident scene. A crew from the Orange County Fire Department helped the semi driver, Mr. Venson, get out of the cab section. The driver received only minor injuries in the crash, described as scratches and bruises. He was treated at the site and did not require hospitalization.

The force of the truck accident punctured at least one of the 18 wheeler’s gas tanks and diesel fuel leaked out onto the interstate. Orange County firefighters worked to clean-up and contain about 50 gallons of spilled diesel fuel. Later a heavy duty wrecker was brought in to get the semi tractor trailer back up on its wheels and off I-4.

Florida Highway Patrol took charge of cordoning off a section around the overturned semi trailer. Westbound drivers were rerouted around the truck accident site, forced to leave the highway at Lee Road and sent to secondary routes before being allowed back on the intestate. The closures caused considerable traffic delays and at times motorists were backed up for about 6 miles, reaching back to Florida State Road 436 close to the city of Altamonte Springs.

All lanes were back open approximately two hours after the truck accident, at about 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon.

FHP reconstructed the rollover crash and determined that the semi driver, Mr. Venson, was responsible for the truck accident. Officials said that the man was driving too fast for the rain soaked road conditions. Mr. Venson was charged with Careless Driving.

It is not known at this time if the driver or the truck company that owns the semi will be forced to pay for the cost of cleaning up the truck accident site.

The truck accident investigation is still open.

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