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PENSACOLA, FL – A truck driver form Pensacola, Florida was driving a Boyett’s truck carrying 3,500 gallons of waste oil from food processing operations when it overturned around 3:30 p.m on the westbound ramp off North Davis Highway onto Interstate 10.

PHOTO CREDIT: Gary McCracken

The truck accident occurred Tuesday afternoon, May 17, at around 3:30 p.m., when the truck’s tank was breached and started to leak, causing the roadway to be closed for several hours.

Wayne Mitchell Bryant, 44, of Pensacola, was cited by the Florida Highway Patrol with failure to use due care. No serious injuries were reported at the time of the incident.

Another truck from Boyett was on the scene to drain the tank of the wrecked vehicle. reports:

Bryant said told the FHP he swerved left to avoid another vehicle, which caused him to lose control. As a result, he exited the roadway onto the south shoulder and struck a concrete wall and road sign, according to the FHP report.

“He was carrying 3,500 gallons of waste oil from food processing operations,” Lt. Daniel Akerman, Escambia County Fire-Rescue spokesman, said. “The tank was breached, and it started leaking.”

The accident caused a significant waste spill onto the entrance ramp, the FHP said.

“The fire department did damming operations to prevent anymore of the product from getting into the water runoff areas,” Akerman said.

Among the others responding to the accident were the Ferry Pass Fire Rescue, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Transportation, Fletcher’s Towing and Boyett’s Portable Restrooms & Septic Vacuum Plumbing.

“FHP will handle the crash investigation,” Akerman said. “DOT will do an inspection on the vehicle, and DEP will make sure the cleanup is done properly.”

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