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MOBILE, AL – A man died after his pick-up truck was hit by a tractor trailer Thursday afternoon in Mobile County, Alabama. The truck accident occurred on Moffett Road/US Highway 98 in the city of Mobile, AL. The area is in the far south section of the state near the border with Mississippi. The region is 258 miles south of Birmingham, AL and 143 miles northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The driver of the 18-wheeler attempted to maneuver to avoid hitting the pick-up truck.

According to Mobile Police who responded to the scene, the truck accident happened shortly before 1:00 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Moffett Road/US Highway 98 and Phillips Lane, across the street from the Forrest Hill Elementary School …

Andrew Harris, 34 years old of Pritchard, AL was driving his red Chevy pick-up truck east on Moffett Road/US Highway 98 near Phillips Lane when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle. The man crossed into the westbound lanes of Moffett Road/US Highway 98 and drove his pick-up truck directly into the path of a semi trailer truck which was traveling west on the highway.


The driver of the 18-wheeler attempted to maneuver to avoid hitting the pick-up truck. He also slammed on the brakes, but was unable to avoid the accident and hit the red pick-up truck. One witness described the truck collision as “nearly head-on”.


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Mr. Harris was thrown from the cab of his pick-up upon impact with the 18-wheeler. A witness that saw the truck accident from a nearby business reported that Mr. Harris was thrown into the parking lot of a local trophy shop.

After the head-on collision the pick-up truck got hooked onto the tractor trailer truck, which dragged the smaller vehicle for about one hundred feet down the highway before it finally came to a stop.
Emergency workers who responded to the truck accident attempted to treat Mr. Harris but he reportedly died instantly from the impact. He was pronounced dead at the truck accident scene. The unidentified 25 year old truck driver was not injured in the truck collision.


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The area of the truck accident on Moffett Road/US 98 is notorious for traffic incidents. The highway is described as being very busy and has earned the nickname “Bloody 98”.

At this time the investigation of the truck accident is ongoing and no charges have been brought against either driver. Authorities are trying to determine the reason Mr. Harris lost control of his pick-up truck, crossed the highway and drove into the path of the 18 wheeler. Mobile Police said charges may be filed once their investigation of the truck collision is complete.

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