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JEFFERSON, La. – A semi truck carrying a cargo of  hazardous waste material overturned  east of the Huey P. Long Bridge on Monday Aug 19, but according to Louisiana State Police the accident did not pose a threat. Jefferson is located in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in the southeastern part of the state about 7.3 miles west of New Orleans and about 76 miles southeast of Baton Rouge.

The state police believe that the driver was in the wrong gear and said  he was attempting to navigate a curve coming off the bridge, when his truck overturned.

Map showing location of 18 wheeler accident involving hazardous materials in Jefferson, LA just east of the Huey Long Bridge.

The driver was identified as 32-year-old Dartainan Taylor. reports:

A special hazmat team was called to make sure that the cargo doesn’t threaten the public’s safety.

Emotions were high as frustrated drivers waited in gridlocked traffic coming from the West Bank over the Huey P. Long Bridge Friday afternoon.

Shortly after the accident, the trailer’s cargo quickly shut down traffic. The concern is a hazardous chemical being shipped from China.

The commute home was a nightmare out here there are still delays. As of 10 p.m., State Police say the eastbound lanes of the Huey P. Long Bridge were still shut down. Also, Jefferson Highway westbound at St. George was shut down.

Trooper Melissa Matey, a spokeswoman for Louisiana State Police, told the media:

“There is a chemical inside the truck the chemical is called Tetrabutylin Chloride, it is a dangerous chemical it can cause skin burning, blindness if you get close to the chemical. If we do find that it’s leaking, we’re looking at possibly an overnight clean-up. If not, hopefully we can get the truck upright, and get that cleaned up.”

Police say that the driver will be charged with careless operation.

Truck Accident Lawyer News is a truck accident and personal injury blog that publishes up to date truck accident and truck legal news from across the United States. Louisiana, due to its high population and vast highway system, has a high incident of 18 wheeler truck accidents. Metropolitan cities with a high incident of truck accidents and vehicle collisions resulting in severe personal injuries and even death include New Orleans and Baton Rouge to name a few.

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