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POPLAR GROVE, IL – Seventeen children were injured Monday when a semi truck collided with their school bus in Boone County, Illinois. The truck accident happened on Illinois 76 near Poplar Grove, IL. The area is in the northern section of the state 20 miles northeast of Rockford, IL and 78 miles northwest of Chicago, IL.

According to an accident reconstructionist, the truck driver steered off the roadway and hit the bus in an area where it would have less impact on the passengers. Seventeen children were injured.

The accident occurred shortly after 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon as the school children from North Boone Upper Elementary School were being transported home after the school day. The truck driver, from Harvard, IL, was driving his Peterbilt truck and flatbed south on Illinois 76. The driver works for Basic Service Trucking, Inc., of Harvard.

As the truck driver reached the intersection of North Boone Road, he reportedly looked both ways before proceeding through the intersection. The North Boone school bus was traveling west on North Boone Road at the same time. The driver apparently failed to stop at the light and turned into the intersection directly in the path of the tractor trailer truck.


The truck driver did an evasive move to avoid t-boning the bus head on. According to an accident reconstructionist, the truck driver steered off the roadway and hit the bus in an area where it would have less impact on the passengers.

After the truck accident both the truck and the school bus ended up on the southwest side of the intersection. The front sections of both large vehicles were heavily damaged, and the rear right section of the school bus was caved in.

The truck driver was able to get out of his cab on his own. One child had gotten out of the bus and was lying in the roadway, and the bus driver covered the child with a blanket. The children and the bus driver were described as a little shook up, but for the most part calm after the truck accident.


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Emergency personnel from several surrounding communities responded to the truck accident scene, including twelve ambulances. All 17 students on board the bus were transported to area hospitals. Most of the children only suffered minor bruises, cuts and scrapes in the truck accident. There was a report of a possible broken ankle, but no serious injuries.

Local police closed down a section of Illinois 76 around the scene of the truck accident while crews cleaned up and investigators reviewed the collision. The highway reopened around 5:30 p.m.


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Investigators believe that because of the truck driver’s actions he was able to keep from hitting the school bus straight on, which would have likely resulted in much more serious injuries to the children.

The bus driver was apparently not the regular driver of the route. At this point the bus driver has not been cited for failing to stop at the intersection. The truck accident is still under investigation.

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