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TRINIDAD, Colo. — A truck driver from Mesquite, Texas was killed on Tuesday, Nov. 13, when a UPS semitrailer rolled near Trinidad, Colorado.

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LIMON, CO – Two Texas women were killed by a semi truck driven by a Louisiana teenager while they were changing a tire on I-70 in Limon, CO on July 15, 2012.

A Volvo semi tractor pulling a horse trailer sits parked in front of a weigh station sign near mile marker 363 on I-70 about .4 of a mile down the road from a fatal accident where two Texas women were killed while changing a tire in Limon, CO on July 15, 2012.

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RIFLE, CO – Two semi trucks collided on I-70 causing a hazardous materials spill just outside Rifle, CO in snow-packed, icy conditions on Monday, February 20, 2012.

Two semi trucks crash on I-70 in Rifle, CO causing injury and a hazardous fuel spill. The crash spawned more accidents in the snow packed roads and icy conditions.

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AURORA, CO. – A woman suspected of driving while under the influence (DUI) on Wednesday evening, Dec 28, could possibly face drunk driving charges for allegedly causing a multiple vehicle crash involving an Aurora fire truck.

Map showing location of an accident with a fire truck and a suspected DUI driver on December 28, 2011 at Del Mar Circle and East 6th Ave in Aurora, CO.

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LAKE DILLON, CO – A fiery semi truck accident closed down a highway in Summit County, Colorado for several hours Friday night. A mother and her two children were injured in the collision between the tractor trailer and a passenger car which occurred in the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 near the town of Lake Dillon, CO. The accident area is just west of Denver in the central section of the state, about 165 miles southwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming and about 260 miles north of Taos, New Mexico.

On Friday evening, November 12, an unidentified truck driver was driving west on Interstate 70 traveling through Summit County, CO. The trucking company that owns the 18 wheeler is not known, nor is the cargo and destination of the driver. ... Read More

LAFAYETTE, CO – A semi trailer truck crashed head-on with a Toyota pick-up truck Friday afternoon, September 10, on a highway in Boulder County, Colorado. The driver of the pick-up truck suffered serious injuries in the truck accident which occurred on U.S. Highway 287 near South Boulder Road in the city of Lafayette, CO. The accident area is in the north part of the Denver metro region in the north central section of the state, about 135 miles north of Pueblo, CO and about 88 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

On Friday afternoon a female truck driver and her husband were in a semi trailer truck traveling through Boulder County on U.S. Highway 287. The husband, who was a passenger in the trailer truck, did not want to disclose his name or his wife’s to the public. The semi was carrying a load of broken concrete in the trailer section of the 18 wheeler truck. At this time it is not known who owns the tractor trailer or where the load of concrete was being delivered. ... Read More

FRUITA, CO – Four people were injured Sunday, July 25, in a multi vehicle truck accident on a highway in Mesa County, Colorado. The collision, which was started by an out of control Toyota sedan, occurred in the eastbound and westbound lanes of Interstate 70 near the city of Fruita, CO. The accident area is northwest of Grand Junction, CO in the far central west section of the state near the Utah border, about 255 miles west of Denver and about 230 miles southeast of Provo, UT.

Lower Valley firefighters and emergency personnel responded to the truck accident site.

At about 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning 51 year old Steve Easdon of Denver, CO was driving a semi trailer truck east on Interstate 70 in Mesa County near the city of Fruita. The truck driver worked for Cast Trucking based out of Denver, CO, which was the destination of the semi truck. ... Read More

WHEAT RIDGE, CO – A suspected drunk driver set off a truck accident Friday morning, June 11, that killed two people in Jefferson County, Colorado. The deadly collision occurred in the Denver metro region on Interstate 70 west of Kipling Street, in the suburb of Wheat Ridge. The accident area is in the central north section of the state, about 120 miles north of Pueblo, CO and about 102 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Local emergency personnel responded to the scene of the truck accident. Mr. Baek was fatally injured when he was hit after stepping out of his Volvo and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The events leading up to the fatal truck accident began at around 2:45 a.m. Friday morning when a black Nissan crashed into a parked car on Everett Street in Wheat Ridge and then fled the scene. The Nissan lost one of its license plates and police matched the plate and issued a bulletin. The police would receive several 911 calls over the next hour about the Nissan, reporting that the woman was driving erratically. ... Read More

LONGMONT, CO – On March 26, 2010, a truck driver allegedly operating under the influence of alcohol drove his semi trailer truck through a Boulder County, Colorado neighborhood Saturday night. The truck accident happened on various residential streets in Longmont, Colorado, a suburb northwest of the Denver Metro region. The accident area is in the north central section of the state 150 miles north of Pueblo, CO and 80 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

One neighbor on Katy Lane was inside watching television when he heard a loud crash. When he went outside to look, he saw his carport was destroyed and just a pile of splintered wood remained.

On Saturday night on March 26 around 9:00 p.m. residents of the south section of Longmont, CO began to hear a series of crashes outside their homes. When they went to investigate, residents found damage to trees, fences, and about 17 cars. At least two Longmont homeowners found damage to their houses. ... Read More

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