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WILLIAMSBURG, KY – A semi driver died Thursday morning, February 17, after being involved in a truck accident on a highway in Whitley County, Kentucky. The tractor trailer was traveling on Interstate 75 near the city of Williamsburg when the driver went off the road and crashed. The truck accident area is the far south part of Kentucky, about 70 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee and about 194 miles east of Abingdon, Virginia.

Early Thursday morning 56 year old David A. McHenry of Massillon, Ohio was driving a 2009 Volvo semi trailer truck through south Kentucky. The tractor trailer was carrying a cargo of industrial sized cans of pizza sauce at the time of the truck accident. The semi truck is owned by Lorimar Materials Management based out of Massillon, OH. ... Read More

OWINGSVILLE, KY – A truck accident Wednesday, February 2, in Bath County, Kentucky sent a semi tractor trailer plunging into a creek and set off a search for the missing driver. The early morning crash occurred off Interstate 64 near the city of Owingsville, KY in the eastern part of the state. The truck accident area is just outside the Lexington metro region, about 124 miles southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio and about 82 miles west of Huntington, West Virginia.

Early Wednesday morning a truck driver, who has not yet been identified, was driving through eastern Kentucky. The semi driver was hauling a load of auto parts at the time of the truck accident, but his destination is unknown. ... Read More

MATTOON, KY – A tanker truck accident Friday morning, january 7, shut down a part of a highway in Crittenden County, Kentucky. The semi tanker was carrying a potentially hazardous material when it rolled over on U.S. Highway 60 near the city of Mattoon, KY. The accident occurred in the far west corner of Kentucky, about 123 miles southeast of Carbondale, Illinois and about 92 miles northwest of Clarksville, Tennessee.

On Friday morning an unidentified truck driver was traveling on U.S. Highway 60, driving through the western part of Kentucky. At the time of the truck accident the tanker section was filled with an unknown amount of anhydrous ammonia, reported to be a kind of farm fertilizer. The tanker section had the logo for Breeden. C.R. Breeden Enterprises, Inc is a transportation company based in Sikeston, Missouri. ... Read More

LOUISVILLE, KY – A semi driver may be charged after a truck accident early Thursday morning, December 30, in Oldham County, Kentucky left his 18 wheeler overturned and closed a highway for most of the day. The truck driver allegedly fell asleep while driving his tractor trailer on Interstate 71 near the city of Louisville. The truck accident occurred in the far north part of the state near the Indiana border, about 92 miles southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio and about 137 miles east of Evansville, Indiana.

Early Thursday morning an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi tractor trailer on Interstate 71. There was also one passenger in the cab at the time of the truck accident. The driver was carrying a cargo of several hundred boxes of medical supplies at the time of the crash, but his destination is not known. The trailer section had the logo of Xtra, a truck leasing company based in St. Louis, Missouri. ... Read More

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