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TRUXTON, NY – A trailer loaded with crushed cars came loose from a semi tractor and drifted across the highway into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into a minivan killing 7 occupants and seriously injuring an 8th person.

Photo shows the location on State Route 13 where seven people were killed in a fatal semi truck accident in Truxton, NY on May 29, 2013. Photo credit: CNY News,

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Syracuse, NY – A tractor trailer got stuck Thursday morning under the West Genesee Street railroad bridge at Erie Boulevard West in Syracuse, NY.

An 18 wheeler crashed into the West Genesee Street railroad bridge in Syracuse, NY on March 15, 2012, becoming stuck due to low clearance. Photo credit: David Lassman / The Post-Standard

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TONAWANDA, NY – A semi truck accident occurred on Friday, Aug 26, when a the driver of a tractor trailer struck the CSX rail bridge on Young Street in the city of Tonawanda and continued through to the I-290.

Map showing location of semi truck accident in Tonawanda, NY on August 26, 2011 where the driver of a tractor trailer collided with the rail bridge on Young Street, then continued on to I-290 where he was stopped by the police.

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WEST ALMOND, NY – A semi driver was hurt in a rollover truck accident Saturday morning, March 5, on a highway in Alleghany County, New York. Authorities believe the driver may have suffered a medical emergency just before he drove off Interstate 86 and flipped the tractor trailer in a ditch near the town of West Almond. The truck accident area is in the western part of New York, about 85 miles south of Rochester, NY and about 136 miles east of Erie, Pennsylvania.

On Saturday morning 41 year old Earl Hilderbrand of Michigan was driving a semi trailer truck through western New York State. The trailer section of the semi was filled with a cargo of paper products. Information regarding the driver’s employer and destination at the time of the truck accident has not been released. ... Read More

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – A semi tractor trailer lost two of its wheels Friday morning, December 24, and set off a deadly chain reaction truck accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. The horrific crash occurred in the southbound lanes of the turnpike near mile marker 116.5, where it passes through Ridgefield, New Jersey. The truck accident area is in the far northeast part of the state near the Hudson River, about 75 miles east of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and about 14 miles northwest of New York, New York.

At about 6:50 a.m. Friday morning truck driver Hasan Toma was driving a 2000 Peterbilt tractor trailer. He was headed south on the New Jersey Turnpike, also known as Interstate 95. As the tractor trailer was moving through the city of Ridgefield two large tires with their hubcaps attached suddenly fell off the semi truck near mile marker 116.5 on the turnpike. The two heavy rear tandem wheels bounced into traffic, setting off the deadly truck accident.
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CAMBRIDGE, NY – A man was killed and his wife seriously injured Wednesday afternoon, November 10, in a truck accident on a highway in New York State. The deadly incident occurred in Washington County on New York State Route 22, just north of the town of Cambridge, NY. The truck accident area is in the northeast section of the state near the border with Vermont, about 130 miles east of Utica, NY and about 20 miles northwest of Bennington, Vermont.

On Wednesday afternoon 62 year old Legrande H. Dimick of Northville, NY was driving a 2003 Western Star semi trailer log truck through Washington County, NY. The trailer section of the truck was carrying a full load of trees and lumber. ... Read More

CANASTOTA, NY – One person was killed Thursday afternoon, September 30, after being involved in a multi vehicle truck accident in Madison County, New York. The deadly collision between two semi trucks and a passenger car was set off by a minivan that went out of control on Interstate 90 near the town of Canastota. The truck accident area is in the north central section of New York State just east of Syracuse, about 121 miles west of Albany, NY and about 154 miles north of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

On Thursday afternoon two semi trailer trucks hauling trash were traveling through Madison County, NY, driving west on Interstate 90, also known as the New York Thruway. The first semi truck was driven by Hal G. Woods, 54, of Clifton Springs, NY and the second trailer truck was driven by David J. Gorinshek, 44, of Fairfield, NY. It was raining at the time and the interstate roads were slippery in spots. ... Read More

LANCASTER, NY – A semi trailer truck went off a highway, crashed into a utility pole and erupted into flames early Saturday morning, August 28, in Erie County, New York. The driver was seriously injured in the truck accident that occurred on the New York Thruway, also known as Interstate 90, in the city of Lancaster, NY. The accident area is in the Buffalo metro region in the far northwest section of the state, about 66 miles west of Rochester, NY and about 45 miles southeast of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Semi truck crashes into utility pole flips onto its side and burst into flames.

Shortly before 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning 28 year old Jason Leber of Niagara Falls, NY was driving a semi trailer truck west on the NY Thruway/Interstate 90 in Erie County, NY. The truck driver was carrying a load of paper products and was headed to a warehouse in Blasdell, NY to make a delivery. ... Read More

ALBANY, NY – A driver of a Toyota Corolla going the wrong way on an interstate set off a deadly truck accident early Thursday morning, July 29, in Albany County, New York. The head-on collision occurred in the southbound lanes of Interstate 787 near the state capital of Albany and would kill the driver of the passenger car and leave the semi trailer truck a burning wreck. The accident area is in the east central section of the state about 150 miles north of New York City and about 40 miles northwest of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The impact of the truck accident apparently damaged at least one of the fuel tanks and the semi trailer exploded into flames. After the initial collision the semi trailer skidded about 100 yards down the interstate, its tires melting down to the rims.

Shortly after 5:00 a.m. Thursday morning 46 year old truck driver Talikai Ayuba of Albany, NY was driving a semi trailer truck south on Interstate 787 through Albany, NY. The driver was carrying a load of about 39,000 pounds of blueprint and copy paper, working for J.B. Hunt Transportation which has a facility at the Port of Albany. ... Read More

HAMBURG, NY – A family of four was trapped in their car under a semi after a truck accident Friday morning, June 18, in Erie County, New York. The collision with the semi trailer occurred on the New York Thruway in the city of Hamburg, near the Camp Road overpass on the highway. The accident area is part of the Buffalo metro region in the northwest section of the state, about 84 miles southwest of Rochester, NY and about 85 miles north of Warren, Pennsylvania.

Emergency personnel from Hamburg responded to the scene of the accident and were later joined by teams from Scranton and Newton Abbott. The rescue team used tools to extricate the three adults from the car. A tow truck was brought in to help get the car out from under the truck’s trailer.

At about 10:00 a.m. Friday morning 50 year old Shelton Rankins of North Carolina was driving a semi trailer truck west on the New York Thruway in Erie County, NY. Mr. Rankins was driving the truck for Barnes Transportation, based in Wilson, North Carolina.
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