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Archive for September, 2010

WHEELING, WV – One driver was killed in a fiery truck accident Friday on a highway in Ohio County, West Virgina. The fatal collision between two semi trucks occurred on Interstate 70 in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia. The truck accident area is near the border with Ohio in the far north central section of the state, about 30 miles west of Washington, Pennsylvania and about 50 miles east of Cambridge, Ohio.

Early Friday morning on September 17, 58 year old Ronald Kiser of Fayetteville, WV was driving a semi trailer truck on Interstate 70, traveling through Ohio County, WV. It is not known if Mr. Kiser was carrying a cargo at the time or the trucking company he represented.
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MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH – A teen driver has been arrested and charged after he allegedly caused a deadly truck accident Tuesday afternoon, September 14, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The fatal collision occurred on Interstate 480 near the Lee Road Exit in a suburb southeast of the city of Cleveland, OH. The truck accident area is in the far north central section of the state, about 119 miles east of Toledo, OH and about 103 miles southwest of Erie, Pennsylvania.

At around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon 51 year old Jonathan D. Williams of Lorain, OH was driving a semi tractor trailer truck west on I-480, traveling through Cuyahoga County, OH just south of the city of Cleveland. There was one unidentified male passenger riding in the cab of the tractor trailer. The semi truck was owned by Tank Integrity Services. Tank Integrity Services, Inc. is based in North Royalton, OH. ... Read More

LAFAYETTE, CO – A semi trailer truck crashed head-on with a Toyota pick-up truck Friday afternoon, September 10, on a highway in Boulder County, Colorado. The driver of the pick-up truck suffered serious injuries in the truck accident which occurred on U.S. Highway 287 near South Boulder Road in the city of Lafayette, CO. The accident area is in the north part of the Denver metro region in the north central section of the state, about 135 miles north of Pueblo, CO and about 88 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

On Friday afternoon a female truck driver and her husband were in a semi trailer truck traveling through Boulder County on U.S. Highway 287. The husband, who was a passenger in the trailer truck, did not want to disclose his name or his wife’s to the public. The semi was carrying a load of broken concrete in the trailer section of the 18 wheeler truck. At this time it is not known who owns the tractor trailer or where the load of concrete was being delivered. ... Read More

TEMPLE, TX – A semi trailer truck crashed into a median and burst into flames Monday morning, September 20, on a highway in Bell County, Texas. At least one person was injured in the truck accident that occurred in the city of Temple, TX and would shut down a section of Interstate 35 for several hours. The accident area is in the east central section of the state, about 68 miles north of Austin, TX and about 130 miles south of Dallas-Fort Worth.

On Monday morning a semi trailer truck was moving through Bell County, TX, traveling south on Interstate 35. The trailer truck was carrying a cargo for a hardware store. The identity of the truck driver has not been released. ... Read More

HOUSTON, TX – A semi tanker truck crashed Monday night, September 13, shutting down part of a busy highway in Harris County, Texas. The closures would last for hours around the truck accident site on the Gulf Freeway near the exit for Dixie Farm Road in Houston, TX. The accident area is in the far southeast section of the state, about 197 miles east of San Antonio, TX and about 217 miles west of Lafayette, Louisiana.

The loose wheel left the frontage road and crossed over the northbound lanes of the freeway. The large truck wheel hit the front section of the semi tanker truck and became stuck in the front axle.

On Monday night an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi tanker north on the Gulf Freeway, traveling through Harris County, TX. The tank of the semi truck was filled with waste water. ... Read More

ZANESVILLE, OH – A semi trailer truck accident Monday night, September 6, severely damaged a narrow road bridge in Muskingum County, Ohio. The single vehicle incident of a Dollar General truck forced county engineers to shut down the bridge which is on Piper Road/County Highway 67 just north of the city of Zanesville, OH. The truck accident area is in the southeast section of the state, about 55 miles east of Columbus, OH and about 74 miles west of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Local police and emergency personnel responded to the site of the truck accident.

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METAIRIE, La – A semi tractor trailer truck crashed into a highway overpass Friday afternoon, September 3, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The truck accident happened in the city of Metairie, LA when the driver was attempting a U-Turn on the south service road for Interstate 10. The accident area is just west of the New Orleans metro region in the far southeast corner of the state, about 74 miles southeast of Baton Rouge, LA and about 148 miles southwest of Mobile, Alabama.

Big rig crashes into I-10 overpass in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

At around noon Friday 54 year old Timothy Weckerlin of Hawk Point, Missouri was driving a semi trailer truck east on Interstate 10 in Jefferson County, LA. The trailer of the 18 wheeler had the logo for Aurora Trailer Leasing & Rental, a national trucking company based in St. Louis, MO. It is not known if the driver was working for the company or had leased the truck. The cargo he was carrying and his destination was also not released to the public.
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MEDWAY, ME – A man was killed Monday morning, August 30, when the semi trailer truck he was driving rolled over and crashed on a highway in Penobscot County, Maine. The truck accident occurred on Interstate 95 near the town of Medway, ME. The accident area is in the central section of the state, about 62 miles north of Bangor, ME and about 175 miles south of Saint-Basile, New Brunswick, Canada.

The tractor truck flipped over onto its left side, dumping tons of wood chips onto the interstate.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. Monday morning 50 year old Donald Pepin of Mattawamkeag, ME was driving a semi trailer truck south on Interstate 95 in Penobscot County, ME. The tractor trailer was carrying several thousand pounds of wood chips that may have come from a chip mill in Chester, ME. The semi truck is owned by W.T. Gardner & Sons, a trucking company based in Lincoln, ME that works mainly with the logging, forestry, and land management industries. ... Read More

LANCASTER, NY – A semi trailer truck went off a highway, crashed into a utility pole and erupted into flames early Saturday morning, August 28, in Erie County, New York. The driver was seriously injured in the truck accident that occurred on the New York Thruway, also known as Interstate 90, in the city of Lancaster, NY. The accident area is in the Buffalo metro region in the far northwest section of the state, about 66 miles west of Rochester, NY and about 45 miles southeast of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Semi truck crashes into utility pole flips onto its side and burst into flames.

Shortly before 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning 28 year old Jason Leber of Niagara Falls, NY was driving a semi trailer truck west on the NY Thruway/Interstate 90 in Erie County, NY. The truck driver was carrying a load of paper products and was headed to a warehouse in Blasdell, NY to make a delivery. ... Read More

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA – A driver was killed Tuesday afternoon, Aug 31, when his semi trailer truck flipped over and burst into flames on an interstate in Caroline County, Virginia. The truck accident occurred after the tractor trailer blew a tire and went out of control on Interstate 95 near the city of Woodford, VA. The accident area is in the east central section of the state, about 44 miles north of Richmond, VA and about 68 miles south of Washington, DC.

The impact of the truck accident damaged a fuel tank and the trailer truck burst into flames.

On Tuesday afternoon an unidentified truck driver was in his semi trailer truck headed south on Interstate 95 in Caroline County, VA. The trailer of the semi was filled with a load of tires. The destination of the trailer truck is not known at this time. ... Read More

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