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SOUTHBURY, CT – A truck driver reportedly fell asleep Monday morning, August 2, and crashed his semi trailer truck on a highway in New Haven County, Connecticut. The trailer of the truck was filled with a cargo of candy when it overturned and spilled its load onto Interstate 84 near the city of Southbury, CT, impacting traffic flow for several hours. The accident area is in the southwest section of the state about 30 miles north of Bridgeport, CT and about 59 miles southeast of Poughkeepsie, New York.

The impact of the truck accident broke the trailer on the semi truck open and the cargo of candy spilled out onto the highway. Officers with the Connecticut State Police shut down the interstate surrounding the accident site while highway crews worked to clear the candy off the road.

At around 7:00 a.m. Monday morning 38 year old Ronald Alvarez of Mountaintop, Pennsylvania was driving a semi trailer truck east on Interstate 84 through New Haven County, CT. The trailer of the truck was loaded with crates of candy, mainly numerous boxes of M&M and other assorted candies made by Mars Company based in Hackettstown, New Jersey. ... Read More

MILFORD, CT – Gallons of diesel fuel spilled out on a Connecticut highway Monday morning, June 14, after a chain reaction truck accident. The collision involved three semi trailers trucks and occurred on Interstate 95 in Milford, CT. The accident area is the southwest section of the state near Long Island Sound, about 12 miles southwest of New Haven, CT and about 69 miles northeast of New York, New York.

Connecticut State Police responded and closed down a section of the highway around the truck accident site, rerouting vehicles to Route 1 through the city of Milford.

Shortly before 5:00 a.m. Monday morning three 18 wheelers were traveling north on Interstate 95 in County, CT. The trucks were not traveling together, but were traveling in the same lane, one after the other. The first tractor trailer was a Ryder Rental Truck, the second was a tanker truck carrying a cargo of non-flammable liquid latex, and the third was another Ryder Rental trailer truck. ... Read More

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