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ARLINGTON, TX – A semi driver was killed Friday morning, January 21, in a rollover tractor trailer truck accident on a highway in Tarrant County, Texas. The fatal crash happened during the commuter rush time as the driver was moving from Texas Highway 360 onto Interstate 20 near the city of Arlington, TX. The accident occurred in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region in the north east part of the state.

On Friday morning an unidentified man was driving a semi trailer truck through north east Texas. At the time of the truck accident the driver was hauling a load of tires in the trailer section. It is not known where the truck driver was headed or the company that owned the tractor trailer. ... Read More

DALLAS, TX – A section of a highway was closed for hours Friday, December 3, after a bizarre truck accident in Dallas County. Three people were injured in the chain reaction collision which was set off by a pickup truck illegally entering Interstate 30 off a frontage road in the city of Dallas. The truck accident occurred in the north central section of the state, about 190 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana and about 94 miles south of Durant, Oklahoma.

Late Friday morning 51 year old truck driver John Johnson was on westbound Interstate 30, driving a semi trailer through Dallas County, TX. The logo on the trailer section of the semi was for Landstar, Inc., a global transportation company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The cargo and destination of the driver at the time of the truck accident is not known. ... Read More

U.S.D.C. DALLAS COUNTY, TX -  Texas truck accident lawyers,  Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, represent a Killeen, Texas woman and a Killeen, Texas man who sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of Eagle Aggregate Transportation, LLC. The Plaintiffs are a 49 year old female truck driver and a 48 year old male truck driver who cannot work due to the injuries sustained in this crash.

... Read More

DALLAS, TX – A semi trailer truck crashed and overturned Tuesday morning, September 28, spilling hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel on a highway in Dallas, Texas. The truck accident shut down the LBJ Freeway for several hours and sent the truck driver to the hospital.

The crash damaged at least one of the tractor trailer’s gas tanks spilling fuel onto the highway.

On Tuesday morning an unidentified truck driver was traveling through the city of Dallas, TX driving a semi trailer truck east on the LBJ Freeway, also known as Interstate 635. It is not known what the driver was carrying or his destination. ... Read More

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