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LAKEVILLE, MN – A multi vehicle truck accident occurred on Monday morning, May 24, 2010, releasing thousands of honey bees on a highway in Dakota County, Minnesota, about 25 miles south of the Minneapolis-St Paul metro region. A semi trailer truck was transporting the bees, traveling on Interstate 35 when it was involved in an accident near the city of Lakeville, MN. The accident area is in the southeast section of the state, 39 miles west of Red Wing, MN and about 112 miles north of Clear Lake, Iowa.

The multi vehicle crash left the two cars demolished between the two 18 wheelers and the impact of the truck accident knocked several beehives off the flatbed of the Bauer truck, where they fell onto the highway and broke open.

Darren Straus, 37 years old of Fertile, MN, was driving a semi flatbed truck Monday morning north on I-35, carrying a cargo of honey bees from Mississippi, where they spent the winter, up to North Dakota for the summer. The bees are owned by Bauer Honey, Inc., based in Fertile, MN, and the truck was carrying hives on the flatbed trailer. The hives were holding about 17 million honey bees at the time. ... Read More

SPRING VALLEY, MN – A tractor trailer truck crashed into a Minnesota house early Wednesday morning, on March 31, 2010, leaving the truck driver in serious condition. The truck accident happened south of Rochester, MN, on Highway 63 near Spring Valley in Fillmore County. The accident area is in the southeast section of the state, 227 miles east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and 140 miles north of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Local emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the truck accident and worked to extricate the truck driver from his cab. Firefighters had to open up the top of the truck cab and lift the driver up through the roof.

At around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 31, 47 year old truck driver Barry Duncan of Illinois was headed north on Highway 63, hauling a thirty thousand pound cargo load of fireplaces. The truck driver lost control when he reportedly had severe chest pains and passed out behind the wheel of the semi trailer. ... Read More

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