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TULSA, OK – A semi truck driver is lucky to be alive after plunging from an overpass onto the railroad tracks below when his big rig crashed on a Tulsa, OK bridge on Thursday, January 5, 2012.

Tractor-trailer slumped over onto BNSF railroad tracks after semi truck plunges from Tulsa, OK bridge on January 5, 2012.

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NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC – A semi driver was injured in a multi vehicle truck accident Tuesday morning, January 11, on a highway in Newberry County, South Carolina. The two tractor trailers lost control on the icy surface of Interstate 26 as it passes through the southern edge of the Sumter National Forest. The truck accident area is in the northwest part of South Carolina, about 106 miles northeast of Augusta, Georgia and about 99 miles southeast of Charlotte, North Carolina.

For several days the southeast section of the US was experiencing uncharacteristic winter weather. Several states that rarely see snow had received up to several inches in some places, coating the road surfaces and making driving hazardous. The truck accident happened after the area went through a storm that brought snow and left dangerous black ice on many of the region’s roads. ... Read More

TULSA, OK – A young woman was killed Sunday afternoon, November 7, when the pick-up she was riding in collided with a semi trailer truck on a highway in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Two others, including a young girl, were injured in the deadly truck accident which occurred on Interstate 44 near the exit for 129th E Avenue in the city of Tulsa. The accident area is in the northeast corner of the state, about 108 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, OK and about 113 miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri.

On Sunday afternoon 37 year old Victoria Peters was traveling east on Interstate 44, driving a black Ford F-150 pickup truck. There were two passengers in the pickup, 37 year old Reta Moore and Moore’s 2 year old daughter, both from Tulsa. Ms. Moore was in the front passenger seat and the toddler was in the back seat of the pickup truck. All three were members of the First Baptist Church of Tulsa and other church members reported that the three were on their way to a church function in Inola at the time of the truck accident.
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TULSA, OK – A semi truck fell off an interstate ramp onto a lower highway ramp Tuesday afternoon, June 15, in Oklahoma, spilling its load of a hazardous chemical. The truck accident occurred in the downtown section of Tulsa, OK and caused delays on several different roads and highways. The accident area is in the northeast section of the state, about 257 miles north of Dallas, Texas and about 114 miles southwest of Joplin, Missouri.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol and local emergency personnel responded to the scene of the single vehicle truck accident. The driver reportedly was already out of his semi cab and walking around.

At around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday afternoon a truck driver was driving a semi trailer truck west on Interstate 244 in Oklahoma. The driver was carrying 78,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizers. The toxic chemical was in the form of white powdery pellets and is the same chemical used in the Oklahoma City bombing. ... Read More

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – A deadly wreck at the Belle Isle bridge occurred Friday morning in OK City when a semi tractor trailer truck plummeted 40 feet over the Belle Isle bridge, killing the truck driver.

Debris from a semi truck accident scattered below the Belle Isle bridge of west bound I-44 in Oklahoma City. Photo credit: Paul B. Southerland

Investigators said the truck driver, Joseph K. Watkins, 40, was trying to avoid the other crash on the I-44 when he went off the bridge. Watkins had to be cut from the cab of the truck and was taken to a local hospital before dying from his injuries. ... Read More

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