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FOND DU LAC, WI – A semi tractor trailer truck carrying cattle overturned on a Wisconsin highway Thursday morning, April 30, 2010, as the driver attempted to avoid colliding with a vehicle that had pulled in front of the truck. The truck accident occurred on the Highway 151 bypass near the city of Fond du Lac, WI. The accident area is in the east central section of the state, 66 miles northwest of Milwaukee, WI and 74 miles south of Green Bay, WI.

The semi trailer truck was carrying 11 cows and 2 calves at the time of the truck accident. The rollover injured several of the animals and one had to be euthanized.

At about 11:00 a.m. Thursday morning 55 year old Patrick DeGeneffe of Chilton, WI was driving his trailer truck southbound on the four lane bypass on Highway 151 near Fond du Lac, WI. Mr. DeGeneffe was hauling cattle for the DeGeneffe Brothers Transport Company, located in Chilton. ... Read More

ROYALTON, NY – A semi truck driver hit a man on a riding lawn mower Saturday morning, April 24. 2010, in Niagara County, New York. The truck accident happened northeast of the Buffalo metropolitan region, on Route 93, known locally as Akron Road, in the town of Royalton, NY. The accident area is in the far northwest section of the state, east of the Canadian border, 47 miles west of Rochester, NY and 129 miles northeast of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Local emergency personnel responded to the scene of the truck accident, along with officers with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Department

At around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning 88 year old Ralph Foster of Royalton, NY was driving his riding lawn mower east on Route 93/Akron Road. He was approached from behind by an eastbound tractor trailer truck driven by Jonathan Atwater of Binghamton, NY.

... Read More

LOMBARD, IL – On Monday evening, April 21, 2010, a truck accident trapped two pedestrians under an SUV in Du Page County, Illinois. The semi trailer truck collided with the SUV at the juncture of Roosevelt Road and Main Street in the city of Lombard, about 20 miles west of Chicago. The accident area is in the northeast section of the state, 190 miles northeast of Springfield, IL and 90 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The driver of the SUV was trapped in his vehicle after the truck accident and local firefighters would work for more than 20 minutes to extricate him

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. Monday evening an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi tractor truck east on Roosevelt Road in Lombard, IL. The 18 wheeler truck belonged to Jewel Food Corporation based in Itasca, IL. ... Read More

CLEBURNE, TX – Three semi trailer trucks were involved in a deadly truck accident Friday morning, April 16, in Johnson County, Texas. The multi vehicle collision happened on US Highway 67 near Walls Drive, south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region near the town of Cleburne. The accident area is in the north central section of the state, 168 miles north of Austin, TX and 229 miles south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The wreckage of the multi vehicle crash was strewn over a quarter-mile area of the highway, with the transmission and engine section of the truck which set off the truck accident thrown about 150 feet from the site of impact. It took highway crews hours to clear the debris from the roadway.

At about 10:45 a.m. Friday morning a semi trailer driven by 31 year old Neil Howard of Pilot Point was headed north on US Highway 67. Mr. Howard was driving for Jeter 3 Trucking based in Denton, TX. ... Read More

WHEELING, WV – An early morning truck accident in Ohio County, West Virginia left one person dead and the truck driver facing charges. The fatal accident happened Tuesday morning, April 13, 2010, on Interstate 470 when a truck lost two of its wheels near Wheeling, West Virginia. The accident area is in the far northwest corner of the state between the borders of Ohio and Pennsylvania, 127 miles east of Columbus, OH and 59 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA.

The Wheeling Fire Department responded to the site of the truck accident and worked to extricate the driver from the mangled car. Mr. Ruskowski was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shortly after 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning truck driver Robert Mancini, 54 years old, of Mount Olive, Illinois was headed eastbound on Interstate 470. He was driving a semi trailer truck owned by Sievers Truck Services, based in Staunton, IL. ... Read More

LEWISVILLE, TX – A fiery truck accident north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region shut down a section of Texas State Highway 121 on Thursday afternoon, April 8, 2010. The collision which involved a semi trailer, a state dump truck, and a passenger pickup truck, occurred in Denton County near Lewisville, TX, where Highway 121 meets Interstate 35. The accident area is in the north east section of the state, 183 miles east of Abilene, TX and 182 miles south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

At about 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, 59 year old Randy Pierce of Cedar Hill, TX was driving his 18 wheeler truck north on Interstate 35. Mr. Pierce was hauling about 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken for Leap of Faith Transportation, based in Forth Worth, Texas.

... Read More

MILFORD, CT – On April 7, 2010, a construction worker was killed Wednesday morning in a trailer truck accident in New Haven County, Connecticut. The truck collision occurred on Interstate 95 between New Haven and Bridgeport, CT near the city of Milford. The accident area is on the shores of Long Island Sound in the far south central section of the state, 50 miles south of Hartford, CT and 70 miles northeast of New York, New York.

Local emergency personnel quickly responded to the scene of the truck accident. They found that the driver of the construction excavator suffered fatal injuries when he was hit by the semi trailer truck and Mr. Diorio was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shortly after 4:00 a.m. 56 year old Anthony Diorio of Unionville, CT was driving a construction excavator vehicle south on Interstate 95. Mr. Diorio was driving for ADF Industries which is based in Berlin, CT. ADF is a subcontracting company, working on a resurfacing and safety improvement project on the interstate for the state of Connecticut. ... Read More

FERRYSBURG, MI – A semi trailer truck overturned Monday morning on April 5, 2010 as it was exiting a Michigan Highway in Ottawa County near Ferrysburg, MI. The truck accident happened on US 31, at the Spring Lake exit ramp onto Michigan State Route 104. The accident area is in the far west central section of the state near the shores of Lake Michigan, 99 miles west of Lansing, MI and 112 miles north of South Bend, Indiana.

Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police had to shut down the US 31 exit ramp for several hours after the truck accident. A crane was brought in and crews worked to put the semi trailer truck back upright and clear the exit ramp for traffic.

At about 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, 61 year old Glendale Jones of Detroit, MI was driving a semi trailer truck loaded with car parts south on US 31. As the truck driver neared Ferrysburg, he attempted to exit US 31 at Spring Lake which merges onto Michigan State Route 104. ... Read More

CORVALLIS, OR – On April, 2, 2010 a trailer truck crashed into an auto body shop Friday morning in Benton County, Oregon. The truck accident happened on Highway 34 in Corvallis, OR. The accident area is in the northwest section of the state southwest of Salem, 84 miles south of Portland, OR and 48 miles north of Eugene, OR.

The interior of the Freebird shop was a mess with crumpled metal and broken glass mixed in with destroyed insulation. Crews removed the trailer truck from the building Friday, and the front window boarded up, allowing Freebird Body & Paint to remain open for business.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. Friday morning, 44 year old Casmiro Perez of Corvallis was driving a semi trailer truck eastbound on Highway 34, traveling at about 35 MPH. Mr. Perez had just picked up a load of wood concrete forms in Monmouth and was headed back to Double Eagle Construction, located off Highway 34 in the Eastgate Industrial Park. ... Read More

CLEVELAND, OH – April 1, 2010, two people riding a motorcycle died after a hit and run truck accident Thursday night in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The fatal truck accident also involved a mini van and occurred on Interstate 490 near West 7th Street in Cleveland, OH. The accident area is in the far northeast section of the state near Lake Erie, 117 miles east of Toledo, OH and 135 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cleveland Police and Emergency Medical Services technicians responded quickly to the scene of the truck accident. Both riders on the motorcycle suffered fatal injuries when they were hit by the truck and were pronounced dead at the scene.

At about 10:45 p.m. Thursday night an unidentified 38 year old man was riding his motorcycle east on Interstate 490 near the city of Cleveland. There was a passenger riding on the back of the motorcycle, a 26 year old woman, also unidentified. ... Read More

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