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SUFFOLK, VA – A semi tractor trailer truck transporting a load of frozen chickens crashed early Thursday morning, October 28, on a busy road in Virginia. The driver was injured in the roll-over truck accident which occurred on U.S. Highway 58 in the city of Suffolk, VA. The accident area is in the far southeast corner of the state, just southwest of the Norfolk-Portsmouth-Virginia Beach metro region, about 86 miles southeast of Richmond, VA and about 51 miles north of Edenton, North Carolina.

Early Thursday morning an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi tractor trailer east on U.S. Highway 58 through southeast Virginia. U.S. Highway 58 is also known locally as Holland Road. The trailer section of the semi was loaded with a cargo of about 60,000 pounds of frozen chickens. ... Read More

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA – A driver was killed Tuesday afternoon, Aug 31, when his semi trailer truck flipped over and burst into flames on an interstate in Caroline County, Virginia. The truck accident occurred after the tractor trailer blew a tire and went out of control on Interstate 95 near the city of Woodford, VA. The accident area is in the east central section of the state, about 44 miles north of Richmond, VA and about 68 miles south of Washington, DC.

The impact of the truck accident damaged a fuel tank and the trailer truck burst into flames.

On Tuesday afternoon an unidentified truck driver was in his semi trailer truck headed south on Interstate 95 in Caroline County, VA. The trailer of the semi was filled with a load of tires. The destination of the trailer truck is not known at this time. ... Read More

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