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Video Transcript: Washington D.C. Truck Accidents

[GRAPHIC: Google Map]

[GRAPHIC: District of Columbia]

[GRAPHIC: College Park]

[GRAPHIC: Bethesda]

[GRAPHIC: Potomac]


STEVE GORDON: If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck in the District of Columbia, whether it's inside the Belt or outside the Belt, it does not matter. Somehow you've found your way to our web page and we very much appreciate you visiting.

I urge you to call the number on this page. The first thing that you will notice is that the phone will be answered by an attorney, an attorney licensed in D.C.

And you will be able to ask that attorney what questions need to be discussed, for instance, how the accident happened, the medical, is everybody getting proper medical care, God forbid somebody died and the seriousness of that. And depending on when you call is there are additional things, factors to be considered.

[GRAPHIC: Nationwide Firm]

STEVE GORDON: Number one, we are a national firm.


[GRAPHIC: Group of people]

STEVE GORDON: We have lawyers, relationships with lawyers in every state in the United States, and so we look at things on a national perspective.


STEVE GORDON: In almost every truck accident there involves one or more states.

[GRAPHIC: Map close-up]

STEVE GORDON: So you need lawyers that are going to look at things from a national perspective and not be pigeonholed into where that particular lawyer's office is or where he or she lives.

[GRAPHIC: Causation]

STEVE GORDON: We determine the cause of the accident early.

[GRAPHIC: Overturned truck]

STEVE GORDON: The cause is very important.

[GRAPHIC: Overturned trailer]

STEVE GORDON: And we want to make sure that we lock it down.
[GRAPHIC: Brakes]

STEVE GORDON: It could be brakes.

[GRAPHIC: Truck driver]

STEVE GORDON: It could be fatigue. It could be driver negligence, recklessness.

[GRAPHIC: Man with testing device]

STEVE GORDON: It could be drug usage on the part of the truck driver, or alcohol usage.

[GRAPHIC: Three trucks]

STEVE GORDON: It could be company negligence.

[GRAPHIC: Truck with over-sized load]

STEVE GORDON: It could be improper loads. There are many different factors and one of the things we do early on is to lock that down.

[GRAPHIC: Venue]

[GRAPHIC: Court]

STEVE GORDON: Because we have a national orientation, we make sure that where your lawsuit is filed is the best place.
[GRAPHIC: Court house]

STEVE GORDON: You've all heard of some places being better than others for jury verdicts.

[GRAPHIC: Scales and gavel]

STEVE GORDON: Our goal is to get you in the best spot possible.
[GRAPHIC: Medical Care]

[GRAPHIC: Stethoscope]

STEVE GORDON: It's imperative that you get the right doctor for the right medical care.

[GRAPHIC: Spine diagram]

[GRAPHIC: Physician with x-rays]

STEVE GORDON: And so Gordon and Elias makes sure if you have an orthopedic problem that you get an orthopedic or neurosurgeon to treat you, not just some general practitioner.

[GRAPHIC: Doctor]

STEVE GORDON: So getting the right medical care is imperative.

[GRAPHIC: Personal care]

[GRAPHIC: Shaking hands]

STEVE GORDON: And finally, and I think most importantly, it has nothing to do with lawyering; it has to do with being people and persons.

[GRAPHIC: Couple and child]

[GRAPHIC: Group at table]

STEVE GORDON: This is your family and your family's livelihood, and we are literally like your family.

[GRAPHIC: Child with stuffed animal]

STEVE GORDON: At the end, I can assure you, we'll maybe be invited over to your house for dinner and vice versa, because for some time period we're going to be very close together.

And those are the reasons why I would pick Gordon and Elias.

[GRAPHIC: Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. Truck Accident Attorneys at Law Call Toll Free 1-800-773-6770 www.TruckAccidentLaw.org]

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