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LYTLE, TX – A fiery semi trailer truck accident killed two people Friday afternoon, October 15, on a highway in Atascosa County, Texas. The deadly rear-end collision occurred in the northbound lanes of Interstate 35 near the town of Lytle, TX. The accident area is just southwest of the city of San Antonio in the south-central section of the state, about 103 miles south of Austin, TX.

On Friday afternoon a semi tractor trailer was traveling through south-central Texas, northbound on Interstate 35. The driver of the semi has not been identified but an Illinois license plate was found at the scene of the truck accident, leading officials to believe that the driver may be based in that state. Their initial investigation also points to the truck driver coming from Mexico but they do not know the intended destination or the cargo he was carrying.

The truck accident occurred shortly after 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon as the 18 wheeler drove through Atascosa County near the town of Lytle. The semi trailer was behind a heavy machinery mobile crane truck on the interstate. According to police the deadly crash happened as the two large trucks drove near Mile Marker 131 just west of Farm Road 3175. For unknown reasons the semi trailer truck suddenly slammed into the rear section of the heavy machinery truck.

The force of the truck accident damaged at least one fuel tank and the semi trailer exploded into flames. The fire on the tractor trailer moved fast fed by spilled diesel fuel and it quickly consumed the 18 wheeler.

Firefighters and rescue teams from three nearby communities rushed to the site of the truck accident. The firefighters battled the flames hoping to extinguish them in time to save any occupants of the tractor trailer. Police shut down a section of I-35 in both directions for over an hour so the fire trucks and emergency vehicles could get close to the crash site.

Once the flames burned down paramedics attempted to give aid to the victims. It would take the rescue team several hours to reach the occupants and extricate them from the burnt semi cab. Unfortunately once they reached the truck driver and one male passenger they found that they had suffered fatal injuries in the truck accident and fire. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene. The Medical Examiner’s Department scheduled autopsies for Saturday.


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The driver of the heavy machinery truck that was rear-ended suffered non-life threatening injuries in the truck accident. He was treated and stabilized at the scene and then transported to a local hospital.

The fire completely destroyed the semi trailer leaving only the burnt shell of the tractor trailer. A heavy duty tow truck would be brought to the truck accident site to haul the wreckage off the interstate.

The truck accident caused major delays through Friday afternoon’s commuter rush. At times traffic was backed up for several miles while the emergency personnel worked. Traffic lanes were back to normal Friday evening.

Police conducted a preliminary investigation but have not released their findings at this time. Several factors could have led to the fiery truck accident including excessive speed, following too close, and mechanical failure.

No charges have been made at this time and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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