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POHATCONG TOWNSHIP, PA — Investigators are trying to figure how a Honda sedan carrying a woman and two children became wedged underneath a tractor-trailer in Pohatcong Township, Pennsylvania.

Three people were injured when a Honda became wedged underneath a semi trailer in Pohatcong Township, PA on August 10, 2012. Photo credit: Express-Times

The accident occurred at about 1:00 a.m on Friday morning, August 10, at Route 22 East and New Brunswick Avenue in Pohatcong Township.

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PARKER COUNTY, TX — A truck driver may have fallen asleep while driving eastbound on Interstate 20 in Parker County on Friday June 8 causing the 18-wheeler he was driving to drift off the Interstate, roll down an embankment and catch fire.

View of embankment and overpass on the eastbound side of I-20 at FM 113 where a truck driver fell asleep, ran off the Interstate and was killed on June 8, 2012.

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, PA – A semi driver faces charges after causing a truck accident Monday morning in York County, Pennsylvania. The driver was southbound on Zarfoss Drive in West Manchester Township when he slammed into a speeding freight train. The truck accident occurred in the south part of Pennsylvania, about 56 miles north of Baltimore, Maryland and about 112 miles west of Camden, New Jersey.

A UPS freight tractor trailer crashed into a train at the rail crossing on Zarfoss Drive near West Market Street on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011. West Manchester Township police officer Keith Roehm said the truck driver, Monte Poff of Red Lion, was headed southbound on Zarfoss when he didn't see the rail crossing lights because the sun was in his eyes. No injuries were sustained, although the train dragged the truck about 130 yards before it came to a compete stop. Chris Dunn photo

On Monday morning, January 24, 57 year old Monte Poff of Red Lion, PA was driving a semi trailer truck through south Pennsylvania. The trucker was carrying a cargo of packages for UPS Ground Freight Transportation at the time of the truck accident. UPS in an international shipping company based in Atlanta, Georgia. ... Read More

HELLERTOWN, PA – A truck driver was killed Thursday morning, Sept 2, in a fiery truck accident in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. The fatal rear end collision involved two tractor trailer trucks and a car and occurred on Interstate 78 East in Lower Saucon Township just west of the city of Hellertown. The accident area is in the Allentown metro region in the far east-central section of the state, about 75 miles south of Scranton, PA and about 52 miles northwest of Trenton, New Jersey.

Fiery big rig accident in Lehigh Valley PA kills driver.

Early Thursday morning 52 year old Mario Chacon of Palmer Township, PA was driving a semi trailer truck east on Interstate 78 near the border between Lehigh and Northampton counties. He apparently was experiencing some kind of mechanical problem with his rig and the truck driver pulled his 18 wheeler truck off the highway and onto the right shoulder near mile marker 65, approximately two miles west of the city of Hellertown, PA.
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ROSS TOWNSHIP, PA – Fifty homes and at least one business were evacuated Wednesday afternoon, Aug 11, after a semi tanker truck accident that spilled potentially dangerous chemicals in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The single vehicle rollover collision occurred on the entrance ramp to the Parkway North Highway/I-279, close to the exit to Bellevue-West View in Ross Township. The truck accident area is in the Pittsburgh metro region in the west section of the state, about 62 miles southeast of Youngstown, Ohio and about 79 miles north of Morgantown, West Virginia.

The tank was filled with about 48,000 gallons of sodium hydrosulfide solution, a corrosive chemical.

At about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon a truck driver was driving a tanker truck on Union Avenue through Ross Township. The tank was filled with about 48,000 gallons of sodium hydrosulfide solution, a corrosive chemical used for pollution control. The chemical is considered hazardous and can cause serious injuries if it is inhaled or comes in contact with skin or eyes. ... Read More

WEST EARL TOWNSHIP, PA – A rear end truck accident Wednesday afternoon, July 21, shut down a section of a highway in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for several hours. A semi trailer truck collided with two different vehicles in the northbound lanes of State Route 222 in West Earl Township. The accident area is near the town of Ephrata, PA in the south east section of the state, about 68 miles west of Philadelphia, PA and about 93 miles north of Baltimore, Maryland.

After rear-ending the two passenger vehicles the semi tractor trailer slammed into a guardrail along the side of the highway and finally came to a stop.

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon 54 year old Gary Tomkins of Oneida, Tennessee was driving a semi trailer truck north on State Route 222 just west of the town of Ephrata in West Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA. ... Read More

SAYLORSBURG, PA – A man died after his car was hit head-on by a semi tractor trailer truck Monday, July 5, on a highway in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The deadly collision involved three vehicles and fourteen people and occurred on Route 33 in Saylorsburg, PA. The accident area is in the far eastern section of the state near the border with New Jersey, about 50 miles southeast of Scranton, PA and about 77 miles west of Newark, New Jersey.

The impact of the truck accident caused both vehicles to crash into the embankment. The car was almost completely crushed while the cab of the semi truck was turned backwards.

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. Monday morning, 28 year old Jaswinder Singh of New Jersey was driving a semi trailer truck south on Route 33. Mr. Singh was driving a semi truck registered to Ryder Truck Rental based in New Jersey. At the same time 21 year old Paul Miller of Scranton was driving a 2002 Toyota Corolla north on Route 33. ... Read More

MONROE COUNTY, PA – A driver received multiple charges after a deadly truck accident Thursday night in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The semi trailer truck collided with several cars before bursting into flames on Route 209 near the city of East Stroudsburg. The accident area is in the northeast section of the state on the border with New Jersey, about 99 miles north of Philadelphia, PA and about 65 miles west of Newark, New Jersey.

Local firefighters and rescue personnel responded to the scene of the truck accident and immediately provided aid to the victims and worked to extinguish the burning semi trailer.

At about 8:00 p.m. Thursday night, June 24, William E. Blackburn of Rochester Hills, Minnesota was driving a semi trailer truck north in the right lane of Route 209 in Monroe County, PA. As the truck driver traveled through the area near Stroudsburg, he came upon five northbound vehicles stopped for a red light at the intersection of Route 209 and Shafer Schoolhouse Road. ... Read More

PLEASANTVILLE, PA – A deadly truck accident Monday morning, May 10, 2010, on a highway in Bedford County, Pennsylvania killed two truck drivers and shut down the highway for hours. The collision, which included a total of five vehicles, occurred on Route 56 in West Saint Claire Township near Pleasantville, and forced several families from their homes. The truck accident area is in the far south-west section of the state, about 40 miles south of Altoona, PA and 45 miles north of Cumberland, Maryland.

The impact of the rear-end truck accident crushed the back of the van and sent it across the interstate and into a ditch at the side of the highway.

The multi vehicle truck accident began at around 6:30 a.m. Monday morning when a 2000 Sterling semi trailer truck hauling a cargo of ice cream was coming down Pleasantville Mountain traveling east on Route 56 about two miles west of the intersection of Route 96, Pleasantville. Route 56 is locally known as Quaker Valley Road. The truck was driven by 40 year old Jeffrey Fonner of Folcroft, Delaware. ... Read More

PARADISE, PA – Three people were injured early Tuesday morning, May 4, 2010, when a semi trailer truck rear-ended another semi truck on a highway in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The two-truck accident occurred on State Route 30, also known as Lincoln Highway, in the city of Paradise, PA. The area of the collision is east of the Lancaster metro region in the southeast section of the state, 60 miles west of Philadelphia and 90 miles northeast of Baltimore, Maryland.

The impact of the truck accident caused damage to the back trailer of the front semi truck and crushed the cab of the second truck which bore the logo of A. Duie Pyle, a transportation company based in West Chester, PA.

Shortly before 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning two semi trailer trucks were traveling east on Route 30. The two 18 wheelers were in the same lane of traffic, one behind the other. As the two semi trucks traveled through the 3300 block of Lincoln Highway East in the township of Paradise the front truck suddenly came to a stop on the highway. The second truck apparently did not have time to slow or maneuver out of the way to avoid a collision and slammed into the back trailer of the first truck. ... Read More

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