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Arizona may boast sunshine and wide-open spaces, but very little can be done to prevent an accident when a truck driver is impaired or sleep-deprived. Visibility is not the issue; Negligence on the part of the operator and their employer is. At Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P., we provide advocacy for Arizona residents and get to the facts of what caused their serious injuries.

When an auto is involved with a truck in an accident, one outcome is for sure: the auto loses. If you do not select Gordon, Elias & Seely as your truck accident lawyers, you could lose twice. Hiring dedicated truck accident attorneys may mean the difference of receiving tens of thousands of dollars or potentially millions of dollars. Simply put, if you hire just any lawyers and not a truck accident law firm, you may be making a serious mistake.

You do not have to retain a firm in Arizona if the accident occurs in Arizona. You need to retain a firm that specializes in truck accidents. Often times, firms from other states, such as ours, are retained because of their experience and knowledge. Many times, though the injured auto occupants may live in Arizona, the truck company is from a state other than Arizona. You need truck accident attorneys that do the following:

  1. Answer the phone when you make that first call
  2. Send out an investigator to obtain photos and make measurements and, if forensic work is necessary, send out a trucking accident reconstructionist
  3. File any necessary equitable relief, e.g., writs of sequestration, pleadings to protect the truck from any repairs that would alter the evidence
  4. Get you to Board Certified Physicians to make sure that you receive the best medical care possible for your injuries
  5. File your suit as soon as possible and aggressively fight for your rights taking depositions, sending out discovery and building your legal case
  6. Where ethically permitted, advancing you monies, interest free, to pay for necessary expenses since your income is stopped due to an inability to work
  7. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, treating you like family instead of just a client. We know full well what a severe disabling and permanent injury, or worse yet, the death of a loved family member means to you. We find that some law firms around the country have lost their way and often times forget that they are representing a person. We pledge to you that you will always be able to call us and ask whatever you want and get a full explanation. Please understand, we like to make money just like the next guy but, we know that if we work hard and do a good job, always with compassion for our client, the money will follow.

If you have been injured in an semi truck accident that occurred in Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson or anywhere throughout Arizona, contact us toll free at 800-773-6770.

Semi Truck Accidents Change Lives

The weight of a large commercial truck colliding with a small car filled with passengers is a recipe for disaster. The truck driver may walk away. The occupants of the automobile will not be so fortunate. When truck drivers fail to value safety and the need for breaks and sleep, people get hurt or killed. When that happens, we take action to hold them accountable.

Semi Truck Accidents Occur in a Variety of Ways

At Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P., we represent Arizona residents on a contingency basis, requiring no up-front fee or out-of-pocket expenses when they suffer from injuries caused by:

Contact us if you have been injured in a truck accident while driving on I-10, I-8, I-17, I-19, I-15, Hwy 84, Hwy 51, Hwy 143, US 60, US 93, US 89, US 191, US 70, US 180, Business 40, SR 74, SR 88, SR 188, SR 71, SR 72, SR 95, Loop 101 or Loop 202.

Holding Drivers and Trucking Companies Accountable for Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers work long hours and are often pressured by their employer to complete their tasks by any means necessary. That results in shortcuts that amount to negligence. Drivers are required to adhere to regulations involving time on the road, number of breaks, and weight of the load they carry. Under the law, a trucking company can be held liable for the negligence of its drivers.

Experience and Resources to Prosecute, Mediate or Litigate Your Trucking Accident Claim

We use experience and thorough legal knowledge, coupled with vast resources, to build your tractor-trailer crash injury claim based on the facts. Expertise comes from our network of trucking industry experts and accident reconstructionists. From there, we seek the best resolution, through negotiation, mediation or jury trials. Jury trials are sometimes necessary because the insurance company is being stubborn and in denial. This is where Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P.'s approach is differnt than some other law firms. We believe the truck accident case is won in the "discovery" phase of the case. No stone is left unturned and the lawyer for the trucking company knows what is going to happen if tried.

Catastrophic Injuries When Safety Was Not a Priority

Before getting into the truck cab, a driver is required to perform a pre-trip inspection so that when a truck driver turns the ignition key, they are doing so with the belief that everything is safe. The pre-trip inspection is to detect problems before the rig gets on the street. There have to be periodic brake checks, including caliper settings, hydraulic, pneumatic and air brakes, adequate sleep and rest time for the driver in accordance with federal laws, and a trailer load that is properly secured, loaded and manageable. If they fall short, each and every car they pass is at risk of an accident. Every driver could suffer injury or, worse yet, death. These requirements apply to all interstate drivers and the failure to do any of these things often results in negligent driving and is often the "proximate" cause of a truck collision resulting in serious injury. It does not matter what kind of truck as these requirements apply to:

  • Tanker Trucks - Oilfield Trucks- Pipe Haulers- Chemical Trucks and other trucks with trailers carrying hazardous materials
  • Slow Moving - Log Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks, Gravel Trucks and Construction Zone Trucks entering and exiting a highway construction zone, Wide-Load Convoys, Bulldozers, Farm Equipment and slow moving Paving Equipment
  • Freight Liners, UPS, DHL, Fed-Ex, U-Haul, Mayflower and other van lines
  • Shuttle Bus, Casino Buses to and from Apache Gold, Casino Arizona at Salt River, Casino Del Sol, Cliff Castle Casino, Harrah's Ak Chin Resort. Other bus companies include: Vacation Bus, Tour Bus, Greyhound Buses and other Chartered Buses
  • Most all other 18-wheeler, Big-Rig, Flatbeds, Tractor/Trailer combinations

Commercial Trucks Not Large In Size But With A Large Insurance Policy

The difference in size of cash settlements in commercial truck collision cases are potentially much larger than auto to auto accidents generally for two reasons: the size of the truck in comparison to the automobile usually resulting in very serious injuries and the insurance policy covering the truck. You know that your personal auto policy is sometimes as low as the Arizona state mandatory minimum limits of $15,000.00. When there is a commercial vehicle, such as a company van, company pick-up, tow trucks, etc., the policies of insurance coverage are usually much larger and you can be fairly and fully compensated when the driver is negligent

Focused on Your Needs Now and in the Future

Combining legal knowledge with vast resources is a powerful tool to have on your side following a truck collision. We build your case based on the facts while our network of industry experts get to work on reconstructing your accident and analyzing any and all records and data. But liability is just one part of the case; the pain and suffering, mental angish, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, medical bills and lost wages and/or loss of erning capacity is essential to be developed too. Trust us that we never lose sight of these very important facors.

We Have A National Network of Competent Truck Accident Lawyers

At times, we need a local Arizona law firm to assist us perform various functions. In light of this, we have already put in place an arrangement with Arizona based competent counsel that we have already vetted and that we can call on in a moment's notice at no additional fee charge to you.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury lawyer regarding a truck collision that has left you injured, please contact us.

Arizona Truck Companies:

  • AAA Advantage Auto Transport, INC.
  • Air Cargo Transit, INC.
  • B.J. Cecil Trucking, INC.
  • CTI, INC.
  • Dewitt Bros., INC.
  • Englund Equipment Co.
  • Giant Industries Arizona, INC.
  • Hurley Trucking Company, INC.
  • Knight Transportation, INC.
  • L & N Transport, INC.

  • Los Angeles - Yuma Freight Lines, INC.
  • Manuel Huerta Trucking, INC.
  • Mckelvey Trucking Co.
  • MKP Transport, INC.
  • Northland Trucking, INC.
  • Raider Trucking, INC.
  • Swift Transportation Company, INC.
  • Total Warehousing, INC.
  • Western Refrigerated Freight Systems, INC

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