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HUBBARD, OH – The driver of a tractor-trailer was lucky to be alive after a fiery crash on Interstate 80 in Hubbard, OH on September 7, 2011.

Charred wreckage of semi tractor is all that remains of a fiery accident on the Ohio I-80 near the Pennsylvania border on September 7, 2011.

Hubbard is located in Trumbull County, Ohio near the western border of Pennsylvania, about 56 miles northeast of Akron, OH and about 73 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, PA.


The 18-wheeler accident happened about a quarter to five in the morning when a big rig pulling a double trailer was hauling flammable cargo on the westbound I-80. The big rig crashed into a guard rail on the overpass over Mt. Everette Rd. and was set ablaze. The driver managed to get out of the cab in time before the entire rig was consumed in flames.

The truck driver, Robert E. Weirick from Liberty Township, made it out of the burning wreck but injured his ankle when he fell or rolled out of the cab. One witness reported seeing a man running from the big rig who was on fire and was rolling on the ground to put out the flames. Weirick was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

After striking the guard rail, the rear trailer flipped over the railing and fell off the bridge, dragging the first trailer with it. The cab remained on the overpass but was being tugged from the weight of the front trailer which was hanging perilously over the side.

Map showing location of fiery semi truck accident on Interstate 80 at the Mt. Everette Rd overpass in Hubbard, OH near the border with Pennsylvania.

The trailers contained propane tanks, which exploded in the crash. There were several explosions caused by the propane tanks. Firefighters had to let them burn themselves out because they could not be extinguished with water.

The fire was also being fueled by a lot of plastics and rubber products that were among the cargo. There was not much left in the aftermath of the charred wreckage. A Trumbull County Hazmat team was on the scene. Among the hazardous materials involved were ethanol, ethanolamine, propane, greases and petroleum products.

Emergency crews took about 12 hours to clear all the charred and twisted metal and other debris from the scene of the accident. Part of I-80 had to be shut down for a portion of the day.

The bridge was inspected after the crash and it was determined that there was no structural damage.

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