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MESQUITE, TX – A semi truck crashed into a bridge support in Mequite, TX on September 22, 2011 pinning the driver and passenger and spilling a load of frozen chicken onto the roadway.

A semi truck crashed into a bridge support on the transition ramp between the westbound Highway 80 to the northbound I-635 in Mesquite, TX on September 22, 2011 Photo credit:

Mesquite is located mainly in Dallas County, Texas and partly in Kaufman County, Texas in the northeast part of the state. Mequite is about 12 miles southeast of Dallas and about 163 miles northeast of Killeen, TX.

The accident happened around 3:15 a.m. in the morning on the transition ramp between the westbound U.S. Highway 80 and the northbound I-635.

Map showing location where an 18 wheeler crashed into a bridge support and flipped over on its side on the ramp connecting Highway 80 to Interstate 635 in Mesquite, TX.

The big rig flipped over onto its side and was pinned between two pillars and then burst into flames, trapping the driver and a female passenger. The female passenger was rescued from the cab in a short time and was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

The driver was more seriously injured, though, and it took rescue workers almost 2 hours to free him from the burning wreck. He was transported to the hospital via helicopter.

The accident shut down the freeway for hours while rescue crews worked to free the trapped driver. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to do the job.

Cleanup crews also had to pick up boxes of the frozen cargo that spilled all over the roadway before the freeway was reopened in time for the morning rush hour.

Officials believe that the accident was caused by a shifting load. The confluence of conditions of the heavy load, the curve of the transition ramp and the speed of the big rig all combined to cause a sudden shift of weight. This caused the tractor-trailer to flip over onto its side and careen out of control into the concrete bridge supports.

Truck Accident Lawyer News is a truck accident and personal injury blog that publishes up to date truck accident and truck legal news from across the United States. Texas, due to its high population and vast highway system, has a high incidence of truck accidents and 18 wheeler accidents. Texas metropolitan cities besides Mesquite with a high incidence of truck accidents and vehicle collisions that result in severe personal injuries and even death include Killeen and Dallas to name a few.

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