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CINCINNATI, OH – A semi trailer truck flipped over on an Ohio highway last Wednesday morning, stalling traffic for hours. The truck accident happened on Interstate 71 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The area is in the far southwest corner of the state and 110 miles southwest of Columbus, Ohio.

The tractor trailer truck ended up on its left side sprawled across all southbound lanes on the I-71.

At around 8:45 a.m. Wednesday morning 60 year old Edwin Sheppard, of Wilson, North Carolina, was driving a tractor trailer truck, traveling south on Interstate 71. The 18 wheeler was carrying a load of heavy steel coils on the trailer.

Right after the truck driver drove through the Lytle Tunnel he apparently lost control of the semi truck and flipped it over. The tractor trailer truck ended up on its left side sprawled across all southbound lanes of traffic on the I-71.


There is a sharp turn coming out of the Lytle Tunnel, and some reports thought that the truck driver may have taken the turn too fast, and that is why he lost control of the tractor trailer.

Mr. Sheppard was not injured in the truck accident and there were no other vehicles involved. The driver side section of the truck’s windshield was shattered, and some reports speculate that the truck driver may have kicked his way out of the truck cab. The load of steel coils remained attached to the truck trailer and did not separate during the impact of the truck accident.


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One witness, an employee of Touchstone Investments working in the nearby Key Bank Building office high-rise said that the crash “Sounded like an earthquake”.
The southbound traffic on the highway came to a standstill for three hours, as there were no lanes that were usable after the truck accident.

Local police responded to the scene of the truck accident and took control of the traffic situation. Highway traffic was diverted off the highway and detoured onto the downtown streets of Cincinnati.


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Work crews and wreckage machinery were brought in to upright the 18 wheeler truck and remove it from the southbound lanes of the highway. It does not appear that the semi truck lost any fuel when it over turned on the highway. Crews would need about three hours to get the trailer truck back up in its wheels and off of the highway.

The traffic lanes finally reopened around noontime.

At this time no charges or citations have been made. The truck accident remains under investigation.

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