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BETHESDA, MD – The driver of a semi trailer was killed Monday morning, October 18, when his 18 wheeler tractor trailer rolled over on a highway in Montgomery County, Maryland. The deadly truck accident occurred on the Inner Loop of the Capital Beltway between Interstate 270 and Old Georgetown Road near the city of Bethesda, MD. The accident area is just north of the nation’s capital Washington, DC, about 38 miles southwest of Baltimore, MD and about 10 miles north of Arlington, Virginia.

Early Monday morning a semi driver was eastbound on the Inner Loop of the Capital Beltway, also know as Interstate 495, traveling through Montgomery County, Maryland. The semi trailer was carrying hundreds of cases and kegs of Samuel Adams beer. The driver’s identity has not been released.


The truck accident occurred at about 4:30 a.m. Monday morning as the driver traveled in the right lane of the Beltway near the city of Bethesda, MD. As the semi truck approached the area on the highway between the left lane exit to Interstate 270 and Old Georgetown Road he suddenly encountered a passenger car stopped in the right lane. The driver of the car was sitting in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

At this time it is not known why the passenger car was stopped in the right traffic lane. It was reportedly not stopped for traffic and it is believed it may have stalled due to a mechanical problem. According to a trooper with the Maryland State Police the car had been stopped on the highway for a significant amount of time before the truck accident.

The semi trailer truck driver was unable to slow down or swerve to avoid a collision and slammed into the passenger car. The tractor trailer then went up the embankment at the side of the Beltway and flipped over onto its side.

No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.

The impact of the rollover truck accident broke open the trailer section of the 18 wheeler and the cases of beer and full kegs spilled out into the highway. The cab section of the tractor trailer became severed from the rest of the truck. One of the side saddle fuel tanks was damaged during the collision and an unknown amount of diesel fuel leaked out.


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Emergency personnel responded to the crash site and tried to help the truck driver and the driver in the stalled passenger car. The unidentified driver of the car suffered serious injuries in the truck accident and was transported to nearby Suburban Hospital.

The driver of the semi trailer was fatally injured in the truck accident and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The truck accident caused major traffic delays just as the commuter rush was beginning Monday morning. Maryland State Police shut down all lanes of the Capitol Beltway around the collision site and diverted vehicles to secondary roads. The Maryland State Department of Transportation advised drivers to take the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to avoid the crash site.

It would take highway crews several hours to clean up the truck accident scene. Front loaders were brought in to pick up the heavy beer kegs and 12 pack cases and load them into a second semi truck brought to the site. A haz-mat team cleaned up the spilled diesel fuel and drained the fuel that remained in the tank and transferred it to another truck.

Maryland State Police opened up one lane a short time after 7:00 a.m. and a second lane more than two hours later at around 9:20 a.m. Monday. One lane remained closed while the crews finished up and officials investigated the crash site.

At this time no charges have been brought and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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