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MARINE, IL – A motorist was killed in a fatal head-on semi truck accident in Marine, IL on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

View facing north on Illinois Route 4 just south of Weber Road (on the right) where a motorist was killed in a fatal head-on collision with a semi truck on January 12, 2012.

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HARTFORD, IL – A 61-year old man was killed on October 11, 2011 when the pickup truck he was driving rear-ended a semi truck in Hartford, IL.

Scene at the entry gate of the ConocoPhillips refinery in Hartford, IL where a 61 year-old man driving a red pickup truck rear-ended an 18 wheeler and was killed on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

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GLENWOOD, IL – A woman was killed when her vehicle was struck head-on by an 18 wheeler truck on Route 394 in Glenwood, IL on September 2, 2011.

A semi truck crashes head-on into a Ford SUV on Highway 394 in Glenwood, IL on September 2, 2011 shutting down traffic for hours. The vehicle burst into flames, trapping and killing the driver.

Glenwood is located in in Cook County, Illinois in the northeastern part of the state about 28 miles south of Chicago. ... Read More

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL – A speeding semi trailer truck crashed Thursday afternoon, October 14, on a highway ramp in Cook County, Illinois. The driver was critically injured in the truck accident which occurred on the Bishop Ford Freeway in South Holland, IL. The accident area is just southwest of Chicago in the far northeast corner of the state, about 17 miles west of Gary, Indiana.

Early Thursday afternoon an unidentified truck driver was traveling northbound on the Bishop Ford Freeway in Cook County, IL. The freeway is also known as Interstate 94. The semi was pulling a flatbed trailer and hauling a cargo of 4 foot by 8 foot steel sheet panels. It is not known where the driver was taking the load of steel. One female passenger was also riding in the cab of the semi flatbed truck. ... Read More

NEW BADEN, IL – The driver of a semi trailer was seriously injured Friday afternoon, August 6, in a fiery truck accident on a highway in Clinton County, Illinois. The collision, which involved four other vehicles, occurred on Interstate 64 near the city of New Baden, IL, about 30 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. The accident area is in the south west section of the state about 100 miles south of Springfield, IL and about 109 miles north of Cape Girardeau, MO.

The impact of the truck accident apparently damaged one or more fuel tanks and the U-Haul, pick-up, and semi trailer truck burst into flames.

Shortly before noon on Friday a semi trailer truck was traveling west on Interstate 64 in Clinton County, IL. As the semi truck drove through the area near the city of New Baden, IL the unidentified truck driver came upon a line of traffic that had slowed down to move through a construction zone. The first vehicle in the lane of traffic was a pick –up truck followed by a U-Haul box truck. ... Read More

CHICAGO, IL – Two semi trucks collided Friday morning, April 30, 2010, and erupted in flames on an interstate on the south side of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois. The double truck accident occurred when one of the trucks was attempting to change lanes on Interstate 57 and crashed into a second semi trailer. The accident area is in the northeast section of the state 89 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 95 miles northwest of South Bend, Indiana.

According to an Illinois State trooper at the scene, as the truck driver was changing lanes he lost control of his rig and slid into the path of another semi truck already in the right lane of the interstate.

Shortly after 7:00 a.m. Friday morning a semi truck was traveling in the northbound left lane on Interstate 57 in Chicago. The truck was not carrying a load at the time and was not pulling a trailer. As the unidentified truck driver, reportedly in his 30s, was moving in the area near 111th Street he attempted to move over to the right lane. ... Read More

LOMBARD, IL – On Monday evening, April 21, 2010, a truck accident trapped two pedestrians under an SUV in Du Page County, Illinois. The semi trailer truck collided with the SUV at the juncture of Roosevelt Road and Main Street in the city of Lombard, about 20 miles west of Chicago. The accident area is in the northeast section of the state, 190 miles northeast of Springfield, IL and 90 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The driver of the SUV was trapped in his vehicle after the truck accident and local firefighters would work for more than 20 minutes to extricate him

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. Monday evening an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi tractor truck east on Roosevelt Road in Lombard, IL. The 18 wheeler truck belonged to Jewel Food Corporation based in Itasca, IL. ... Read More

CHICAGO, IL – A boy was killed and his father suffered serious injuries in a truck accident Friday in Chicago, Illinois. The father and son were walking home from school when they were hit by the cab of a semi tractor truck in the Pilsen neighborhood in the Near West side of Chicago. The accident area is in the far north east section of the state, 198 miles northeast of Springfield, IL and 91 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As the father and son crossed busy South Ashland Ave. at West 18th Place, about a block from the school, they were hit by the cab of a 18 wheeler truck which was driving south on Ashland.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon 45 year old Antonio Vazquez and his six year old son, both from Chicago, were returning home from Cooper Elementary School. They were walking east down South Ashland Avenue, which has a high level of commercial traffic. ... Read More

POPLAR GROVE, IL – Seventeen children were injured Monday when a semi truck collided with their school bus in Boone County, Illinois. The truck accident happened on Illinois 76 near Poplar Grove, IL. The area is in the northern section of the state 20 miles northeast of Rockford, IL and 78 miles northwest of Chicago, IL.

According to an accident reconstructionist, the truck driver steered off the roadway and hit the bus in an area where it would have less impact on the passengers. Seventeen children were injured.

The accident occurred shortly after 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon as the school children from North Boone Upper Elementary School were being transported home after the school day. The truck driver, from Harvard, IL, was driving his Peterbilt truck and flatbed south on Illinois 76. The driver works for Basic Service Trucking, Inc., of Harvard. ... Read More

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL – A tractor trailer truck flipped over and burst into flames Monday morning on an Illinois highway. The roll over accident happened on Interstate 64 in East St Louis, IL. The area is in the south-central section of the state on the Missouri border in the St. Louis, MO metro region, 135 miles east of Jefferson City, MO and 295 miles southwest of Chicago, IL.

When the tractor truck rolled the impact caused one of the diesel fuel tanks to explode into flames.

At around 9:15 a.m. 35 year old Ladon Trigg of St. Louis, MO was driving a 2001 Freightliner tractor trailer truck loaded with garbage east on Interstate 64. As he neared the vicinity of Ninth Street, just east of the split with I-55 and 70, he apparently went into a curve at a high rate of speed and lost control of his truck… ... Read More

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