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LONGMONT, CO – On March 26, 2010, a truck driver allegedly operating under the influence of alcohol drove his semi trailer truck through a Boulder County, Colorado neighborhood Saturday night. The truck accident happened on various residential streets in Longmont, Colorado, a suburb northwest of the Denver Metro region. The accident area is in the north central section of the state 150 miles north of Pueblo, CO and 80 miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

One neighbor on Katy Lane was inside watching television when he heard a loud crash. When he went outside to look, he saw his carport was destroyed and just a pile of splintered wood remained.

On Saturday night on March 26 around 9:00 p.m. residents of the south section of Longmont, CO began to hear a series of crashes outside their homes. When they went to investigate, residents found damage to trees, fences, and about 17 cars. At least two Longmont homeowners found damage to their houses.

One neighbor on Katy Lane was inside watching television when he heard a loud crash. When he went outside to look, he saw his carport was destroyed and just a pile of splintered wood remained. He also saw a semi truck which had caused the truck accident fleeing from the scene.
Fortunately, because of the late hour, the streets that are filled with children and families during the day were empty, so no one was injured in the truck accidents.

Local police received numerous calls and were soon on the lookout for the rampaging truck driver. The police found the truck driver around 11:30 p.m. a few miles away from the Longmont neighborhood, at Martin Street and First Avenue. The tractor trailer truck still had a 20 foot long tree clinging to the cab which fell into the roadway at Martin Street and Second Avenue.


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The truck driver, 39 year old David Kent of Lebanon, Tennessee, was stopped and police determined that he was likely under the influence of alcohol which caused him to drive recklessly and led to the series of truck accidents. The driver reportedly refused a breathalyzer test at the truck accident scene.

According to authorities, the truck driver said that he took a wrong turn off the highway and ended up in the quiet neighborhood. He reportedly got lost in the neighborhood and was driving up and down the narrow streets and alleys trying to find his way out. He then proceeded to drive over sidewalks, fences, and front yards. As he left the residential neighborhood he ran over a stop sign and a lamppost. In all Mr. Dent had about seventeen truck accidents with his rig.


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Mr. Kent also apparently admitted to police officers that he had been drinking to deal with “personal problems”. Authorities believe that the driver may have caused the damage on purpose. The driver was arrested after the truck accident and was transported to Longmont United Hospital. He was later released and is now being held by police in the Boulder County Jail.

The various truck accidents caused a great deal of property loss and damage, including one home that had about $55,000 worth of damage.

The truck driver is facing numerous charges including careless driving, driving under the influence, 17 counts of failure to report an accident, and leaving the scene of a truck accident. He may also face felony criminal mischief charges, pending the truck accident investigation. In addition, a Longmont police officer served Mr. Dent with a Colorado Department of Revenue “Driver out of Service” order.

The truck accident investigation remains open.

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