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LINCOLN, MA: A semi tanker truck rolled over on top of three vehicles Tuesday morning, but the drivers of the crushed vehicles were able to escape without serious injuries. The truck accident happened on Route 2 near Lincoln, Massachusetts, in the outer edges of the Boston metropolitan region near the town of Conrad in Middlesex County. The area is in the east section of the state, 218 miles northeast of New York, NY.

Tanker truck rolls over onto 3 vehicles in Lincoln, MA. Drivers escape.

The truck rollover accident happened around 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, as 47 year old John Revene, of Westborough. MA was traveling west on Route 2. Revene was driving a truck owned by Trans-Spec Truck Service Inc., hauling a load of a petroleum based product.

According to law enforcement authorities, as the truck driver Revene was approaching the intersection of Crosby’s Corner he suddenly left the highway and was driving on the right hand shoulder of the road. He then apparently lost control of the tanker truck and rolled over on three vehicles that were driving in the right lane of westbound Route 2. The truck driver was allegedly speeding at the time of the rollover accident.

Miraculously, none of the drivers in the three vehicles were seriously injured when the semi truck rolled over on them.

Christine Rabich, 48, of Ontario was driving in a Chrysler minivan which was partially crushed by the cab of the tanker truck. She was uninjured. Nancy James of Concord was driving a Toyota Avalon which was completely crushed except for the driver’s seat, and also escaped injury. 52 year old Elizabeth Buchanan of Arlington, MA sustained minor injuries when the rear of the tanker truck crushed her Toyota Matrix. Ms. Buchanan was stabilized at the scene of the truck accident and then taken to Emerson Hospital in Concord and later transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The tanker truck driver, Mr. Revene, was trapped for a time in the cab of his truck. Once emergency workers extricated him he was treated and then airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital. His injuries were described as serious.


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The tanker truck did not lose any of its cargo, nor did its diesel fuel spill out onto the highway. The truck accident did shut down part of Route 2 and police were diverting traffic to Bedford Street in Lincoln. The highway was cleared of debris and reopened around 11:30 a.m.

The truck driver and his company have had problems in the past. According to some reports, the truck driver has numerous violations including citations for speeding, DUI, and OUI. His driver’s license has reportedly been revoked on four occasions.

The trucking company, Trans-Spec Truck Service based in Millbury and Worcester, has had vehicles involved in at least two truck rollover accidents before. According to law enforcement sources, Trans-Spec trucks have been stopped more than 90 times in the past 24 month period. In over 30% of these stops the Trans-Spec truck has been pulled out of commission, and according to inspectors at least one out of three of the trucks pulled off the road were described as “imminently dangerous.” Trans-Spec is being scrutinized by the MA. State Police to determine what needs to happen to “correct the company’s problems.”

Tuesday’s truck accident remains under investigation. Authorities have inspected the truck and apparently ruled out brake problems or other mechanical failure. The truck driver received a speeding citation, and additional charges could be brought after the investigation is complete.

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