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GREENE COUNTY, OH – A semi trailer truck loaded with gallons of milk rolled over early Monday morning, June 7, 2010, on a highway in Greene County, Ohio. The single vehicle truck accident occurred on US 68, north of Ohio State Route 235, between the towns of Xenia and Yellow Springs. The accident area is just east of the Dayton metro region in the southwest section of the state, about 59 miles west of Columbus, OH and about 60 miles north of Cincinnati, OH.

The truck driver was able to get out of the cab of his rig after the truck accident. Emergency personnel treated him at the scene and transported him to Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia, OH.

Shortly before 4:00 a.m. Monday morning an unidentified 48 year old truck driver was traveling through Greene County, OH, driving a semi trailer truck south on US 68. The 18 wheeler was filled with gallons of milk and is owned by Reiter Dairy. Reiter Dairy is based in Springfield, OH.

As the driver was moving through the area on the highway just north of OH State Route 235 he suddenly lost control of the milk truck when several deer ran in front of him. The semi trailer truck went off the highway on the right side and into a ditch. The 18 wheeler went off balanced and tipped over onto its side, skidding several yards through the ditch and road before finally coming to a stop.


The truck driver was able to get out of the cab of his rig after the truck accident. Local emergency personnel treated him at the scene and then transported him to Greene Memorial Hospital in nearby Xenia, OH. He reportedly received non life threatening injuries including a minor cut on the head.

The semi trailer did not lose any of its cargo in the rollover, however the truck accident apparently affected the refrigeration system and the product had warmed. According to the dairy company Reiter, the milk would be destroyed. Another truck was sent to the accident scene and workers off-loaded the milk from the disabled truck onto the second rig.

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Ohio State Highway Patrol shut down a section of the highway around the truck accident scene while troopers investigated and highway crews worked.

At one point a driver drove through the scene and ignored a trooper who was signaling to him. The trooper went after the car, and arrested the driver reportedly for suspected drunk driving.

According to Ohio State troopers at the scene to investigate the truck accident the account that the driver of the milk truck gave them regarding the deer in the road is likely true.

At this point no charges have been brought, but this may change upon conclusion of the truck accident.

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