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HIALEAH, FL – A woman died early Saturday morning, October 30, after being involved in a truck accident in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The fatal collision between the passenger car and semi trailer truck carrying postal mail occurred at the intersection of West 8th Avenue and West 68th Street in the city of Hialeah, FL. The truck accident area is the Miami metro region in the far southeast section of the state, about 35 miles north of Key Largo, FL.

Early Saturday morning 37 year old Jesus Domar was driving a semi trailer truck in Miami-Dade County, FL. The tractor trailer was carrying a cargo of mail for the U.S. Postal Service. Mr. Domar is reportedly an employee of the U.S. Postal Service and was driving a government owned semi trailer truck. At this time it is not known where the truck driver was headed.

At the same time 19 year old Gloria Lopez of Hialeah was driving a 2001 Honda Accord west on West 68th St. There were two passengers in the back seat of the Honda, the driver’s sister, 23 year old Yadira Lopez and a friend, 21 year old Natalia Munoz. There was no one in the front passenger seat.

The truck accident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning as the semi tractor trailer moved through the city of Hialeah. The truck driver was northbound on West 8th Avenue and was approaching the intersection with West 68th Street.

Both vehicles apparently reached the intersection at the same moment. The truck driver, Mr. Domar, had the right of way and proceeded to drive the postal semi truck into the intersection. Ms. Lopez had a red flashing light and should have stopped but instead entered the intersection and drove the Honda into the path of the oncoming semi tractor trailer.


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The truck driver was unable to avoid a collision and slammed broadside into the Honda Accord. The force of the t-bone truck accident shoved the car’s driver’s seat into the empty passenger side of the car. The collision completely demolished the front left side of the Honda. No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.

Hialeah and Miami-Dade County emergency personnel responded to the truck accident site. Rescue teams worked to free the three women from the crushed Honda. Paramedics were on hand to treat the victims as they became free.

The driver, Gloria Lopez, suffered fatal injuries in the truck accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two women were stabilized at the crash site and then transported by ambulance to Ryder Medical Trauma Center at the University of Miami. The sister of the driver, Yadira Lopez, sustained serious head injuries and is currently in critical condition. The other passenger, Ms. Munoz, received unspecified injuries that are considered not life threatening.

The driver of the semi trailer, Mr. Domar, was not injured in the truck accident.

The intersection was closed for several hours while rescue teams worked and police reconstructed the deadly truck accident. Later highway crews worked to clear the traffic lanes of debris and the wreckage of the crushed Honda.

Authorities believe that the collision was caused when the driver of the Honda went through her red flashing light. They do not know yet if Ms. Lopez was momentarily distracted or if she purposely ran the red light thinking that she could get past the truck. It is not known if police suspect drugs or alcohol as factors in the fatal crash.

Investigators have determined that the semi driver was not at fault for the truck accident.

No charges have been made at this time and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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