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JACKSON, MS – A semi tractor trailer truck hauling a cargo of raw chicken pieces flipped over Saturday morning, November 20, on a highway in Hinds County, Mississippi. The truck accident occurred on Interstate 20 near the border line between the city of Clinton and the state capital of Jackson, MS. The accident area is in the central part of Mississippi, about 211 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee and about 185 miles north of New Orleans, Louisiana.

On Saturday morning an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi trailer truck through the state of Mississippi. The tractor trailer belonged to Mountaire Farms, an agricultural food processing company specializing in poultry. Mountaire Farms is based out of Millsboro, Delaware. The driver’s destination is unknown.


The truck accident happened at about 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning as driver moved through the central part of the state. The semi trailer truck was eastbound on Interstate 20, traveling through Hinds County, MS. As the truck driver drove the highway in the area between the cities of Clinton and Jackson he suddenly lost control of the 18 wheeler for unknown reasons. The tractor trailer reportedly went off balance and the semi flipped over onto its right side. The tractor trailer skidded across the traffic lanes and went off the road, crashing onto the grassy area alongside the interstate.

No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.

The overturn truck accident momentarily trapped the driver in the cab section of the semi. He apparently was able to get out of the tractor trailer and was not seriously injured. Paramedics checked him out at the crash site but it is not known whether he was transported to a hospital for additional care.


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The flipped tractor trailer had come to a rest at the side of the highway and did not appear to be blocking any traffic lanes. The force of the overturn truck accident slightly damaged the trailer section but it did not appear to break open upon impact. The load of raw chicken pieces spilled within the cargo area however they remained on the truck and did not fall out onto the interstate.

Another semi trailer was brought to the collision site and crews worked to transfer the raw chicken pieces from the disabled tractor trailer. It is believed that the chicken was unusable after the truck accident and would be discarded. Once the flipped tractor trailer was empty a heavy duty tow truck got the rig back on its wheels and hauled off the interstate.

Police cordoned off some of the eastbound lanes of I-20 while the highway crews worked to clean-up the crash site. However since the truck landed off the highway, and due to the usual light Saturday morning traffic, the truck accident did not cause any major delays on the interstate.

Investigators conducted a reconstruction of the rollover crash but have not released their findings to the public at this time. The weather was clear at the time of the truck accident and is not considered a factor. It is possible that the cargo shifted and threw the semi off balance or the driver may have been going too fast.

No charges have been brought at this time and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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