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COHASSET, MA – A truck driver was injured when the tractor trailer he was driving overturned Saturday morning, November 20, in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The truck accident occurred on Sohier Street in a residential area in the city of Cohasset, MA. The accident area is in the southeastern edge of the Boston metro region on the shores of Massachusetts Bay, about 55 miles northeast of Providence, Rhode Island and about 74 miles southeast of Nashua, New Hampshire.

On Saturday morning, November 20, 60 year old truck driver Thomas Lenane of Brockton, MA was driving a semi tractor trailer in Norfolk County, MA. The semi truck is owned by D. Sheerin Construction, Inc. based out of North Quincy, MA and was on its way to a new home construction. The trailer section of the truck was carrying a cargo of fill at the time of the truck accident.

Shortly before 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning the tractor trailer reached its destination at the new home site at 171 Sohier Street in Cohasset. As the truck driver was pulling into the site he apparently lost control of the tractor trailer as he traveled down the driveway. According to officials the truck driver, Mr. Lenane, moved onto the soft shoulder of the driveway and the semi truck flipped over. The 18 wheeler crashed onto the tractor trailer’s right side, trapping the driver inside the cab section.

No other persons or vehicles were injured in the truck accident.

Cohasset police officers and rescue teams from the Cohasset Fire Department quickly responded to the single vehicle crash. The truck driver was unable to release his seat belt and needed assistance to get out of the semi. Firefighters used tools to cut the belt and reach the driver and remove him from the truck. He received minor injuries in the truck accident and after being stabilized at the scene was transported by a Cohasset EMS ambulance to nearby South Shore Hospital. A spokesperson described his injuries as non life threatening and confirmed that Mr. Lenane was released from the hospital some time Saturday.

Some of the cargo of fill was spilled from the tractor section of the construction vehicle during the rollover. The impact of the truck accident damaged at least one of the fuel tanks on the tractor trailer and an unspecified amount of diesel fuel spilled onto the ground. Hydraulic fluid was also leaking from the tractor trailer prompting the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to send a team to the crash site. The MA DEP crew took the lead in cleaning up the diesel fuel and hydraulic fluids and worked with the Cohasset Fire Department to keep the liquids contained and out of nearby water sources.


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As the truck accident happened in a residential neighborhood at the site of a new home construction it did not impact traffic flow on any major routes. However police did shut down Sohier Street while crews cleaned up the spilled load of fill and other debris and brought in the necessary equipment to clear the crash site. A heavy duty tow truck was used to get the tractor trailer back up on its wheels and hauled away from the accident area. It is not known if the semi trailer was destroyed when it overturned.
Sohier was reopened at around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning, about three hours after the truck accident.

Cohasset police officers conducted a reconstruction of the single vehicle crash but have not released their final determination. One officer with the Cohasset Fire department reported that the semi construction truck moved too far over on the soft shoulder of the driveway and this apparently threw the tractor trailer off balance.

At this time no citations have been brought against the driver or the construction company and the truck accident remains under investigation.

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