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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Police report that a fiery crash involving a woman and an 18 wheeler resulted in the death of the woman when the car she was driving swerved into the big rig pinning her beneath the truck.

Map showing location of fiery 18 wheeler crash where one person was killed on Friday, July 15, 2011 in San Antonio, TX on the northbound I-35 near AT&T Center Parkway.

The accident which occurred Friday night, July 15, caused the vehicle and truck to burst into flames which halted traffic on the Interstate for 35 hours.

The police confirmed that the woman died at the scene. The victim’s identity was not released at the time if the incident.

KSAT 12 News reports:

Edwin Trammell, the truck’s driver, said he was driving in the right nouthbound lane, when a car tried to squeeze between his truck and the guardrail.

Trammell said the car bumped into his trailer and spun underneath his truck, which then caught fire.

Juan Trevino, who stopped to help when he saw the flames, said he and several other people pulled three children and two adults out of the burning wreckage, but were unable to free the driver.

“We tried to pull her out as best we could, but then it was getting out of hand. The flames started getting bigger and we couldn’t do much more,” said Trevino.

Trammell said he was hauling a mixed load, which included several pallets of fireworks. The trailer and its contents burned quickly.

Trammell, who was badly shaken up after the crash, said the traumatic event will end his trucking career.

“I’ve been driving since 1984 and I always said if I have an accident and kill somebody, I’m going to quit, said Trammell. “And that’s it. I’m not doing it anymore.”

The cause of the accident does not appear to be the result of criminal negligence or dui.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Published by Truck Accident Lawyer News, a truck accident and personal injury blog that publishes up to date truck accident and truck legal news from across the United States. Texas, due to its high population and vast highway system, has a high incident of truck accidents. Texas metropolitan cities near San Antonio with a high incident of truck accidents and vehicle collisions resulting in severe personal injuries and even death include Austin and El Paso to name a few.

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