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MADISONVILLE, Texas — Twelve students traveling to Odessa on an Ector County Independent School District bus were injured when a single fire engine crashed into them after police directed the bus to change lanes due to a large grass fire in the area.

Photo Credit: KBTX

Madisonville is about 485 miles west of Odessa and about 97 miles northwest of Houston.

The accident occurred on Sunday morning, May 6, around 9 a.m. near the city of Madisonville where 33 students members of the ECISD’s Horticulture club and their nine sponsors attending the trip in Huntsville were returning from their annual spring trip.

Trooper Jimmy Morgan with DPS in Bryan, TX told NewsWest 9 that a Leona Volunteer Fire Department truck was responding to a fire that two other fire trucks were already at. The driver of the third truck tried to make a U-turn on the highway to join the other two trucks, but the driver didn’t notice the ECISD school bus coming up alongside it. The truck was struck by the school bus, causing this morning’s accident.

ECISD Greenhouse Instructor Nathan Pettigrew said the injured students were transported to hospitals in Centerville, Crockett, and Palestine because the hospital in Madisonville was not big enough for all them. The media reported that injuries sustained were not life threatening. Those not transported by EMS were taken to Centerville High School.

After the group was reunited at the school, a Centerville Independent School District bus was scheduled to take the group to a midway point where a bus from ECISD would bring the group back to Odessa, ECISD Communications Director Mike Adkins said.

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